Need reccomendation for new Firewall/UTM appliance

By PSX ·
We migrated from a PIX515 to an Astaro ASG220 UTM device about a year ago and now we're looking for a better solution.

The PIX was very dependable (virtually no downtime at all) but it only functions as a firewall and a simple VPN host (Cisco's VPN client, however, is very good).

The ASG220 gave us a lot more features but, unfortunately, because of some of those features (such as SMTP filtering & IDS/IPS), the overall box became very unstable, so much so that I experience interruptions almost every week--from 2-5 seconds of dropped pings to certain daemons (Astaro products run on a highly customized Linux platform) failing outright. It is unacceptable for a firewall device to experience so much interruptions, thus we are in the process of looking for a new UTM (Unified Threat Management) appliance.

Some possible candidates are:
SonicWall 2040
Fortinet 200A
Checkpoint UTM-1

If you have experience with the above-mentioned products, please provide comments on them.

I'd like to get some recommendations from the TR community regarding a new UTM device.

Our requirements are as follows (importance is rated from 1-5 with 5 being most important):

Dependable firewall (5)
Solid, stable VPN (5)
Content filtering-HTTP (4)
Content filtering-SMTP (3)
AD integration-VPN & HTTP content filtering (4)
Multiple interface for network segmentation (4)
Decent built-in reporting (3)
Antivirus/Antispyware-HTTP (3)
Antivirus/Antispyware/Antispam-SMTP (2)

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ASG 220

by llsilverll In reply to Need reccomendation for n ...

i believe you enabled all the features of ASG220, thats why you are having downtime...
as the features of ASG220 are quite alot, the performance becomes an issue here.
i believe if you reduced the enabled services, there will not be a downtime anymore.

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SonicWall 2040 Pro

by AruJammer In reply to Need reccomendation for n ...

We have a SonicWall 2040 Pro with Enhaced SonicOS.
This device is working gr8, easy to setup and no downtime for more than 3 years.
It has all what you are looking for. For the VPN we use a SSL VPN-200 this will add all you AD user and make for user easy to setup a VPN connection (tru webpage or client).

We have setup two diferent internet connection and varios VLAN and all of then are being routed thru this firewall.

Also you can get a good support from sonicwall.

Check out this page for a live demo:

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