Need schematic for motherboard.

By Fred Warren ·
Where can I get a schematic for an intel D865GVHZ motherboard? I have a bad board and since I have been in electronics for 40 years, I feel qualified to do repairs. Thanks for any help.

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Fred here you are out of luck

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Need schematic for mother ...

The M'Board Makers do not make Schematics for their products available and since most of what will require replacing is Surface Mount even if you are qualified to repair you should know that VLSI Surface Mount Chips are not easily replaceable and even less likely that the people have the necessary Ultra Violet Soldering Stations available.

All you can do here is Visually Inspect things and carefully look at any Electrolytic Capacitors on the Board and replace as necessary. Not much else that is replaceable on these boards. As these are 4 layer Boards you can not do anything about dropped Tracks between the 2 layers so to all intents and purposes they are not fixable.

However if you find a source of Schematics let me know as I wouldn't mind having them for the more common M'Boards either.


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by santeewelding In reply to Fred here you are out of ...

Not even with other-than-rosin-core and exotic elements from the Periodic Table.

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Still Some Options

by TheChas In reply to Need schematic for mother ...

Well, if you have worked in electronics for 40 years, I expect that more than once you have worked without a schematic.

I would start by applying power to the motherboard and checking the voltage regulator, clock and power control circuits. The filter caps on the LVR circuits are a common failure point for many motherboards.

If those look okay, identify the major chips on the board and download the data sheets from Intel. The full chip manuals have both pin-outs and timing diagrams.


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another option

by .Martin. In reply to Still Some Options

buy a new motherboard

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