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Need software to fill in .pdf forms

By rossdd234 ·
I occasionally have some governmental forms and Texas state legal forms that I need to be able to fill in and save as .pdf then later revise and resave as updated .pdf. Any inexpensive software that will do the trick? Don't want to buy the whole Adobe package.

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Yes there are, and one that i use is..

PDF Converter Professional 5 from:
It is very good, save nearly anything in PDF format and any pdf document you get (either from Adobe or anywhere else) you can undo it and save it as a doc file or what ever file you need it in, the "save as" box has many different formats that you can save the docs in.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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This'll do it for you ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Need software to fill in ...

Try Foxit:

The full Adobe install runs to somewhere around 115MB of required hard drive space.

Foxit runs to about 15MB in total.
It also does everything that Adobe does, but it's FREE! :)

Can I have a Thumb for this?

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Aw, shucks, I bought the expensive brand...

by nepenthe0 In reply to Need software to fill in ...

Old Mycroft, I'll give you a thumbs up anytime.

Seriously, though, Adobe Acrobat Professional is awesomely useful software, only overpriced ($449 retail). The Adobe marketing folks are clever - they make the same software available to educational institutions for $120 a copy, and the student gets hooked for life.

There is a workaround for those with MS Word:

1) Complete the interactive document
2) use Prt-Sc to copy to clipboard
3) paste (Ctrl-V) into Word
4) format the Word picture and save

Unfortunately for rossadd234, one cannot save the changes in the .pdf form without software such as Foxit from

My advice for rossadd234, however, would be to inquire whether Adobe provides comparable discounts. Once you have used Acrobat, you are indeed hooked for life...

Rick/Portland, OR

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Whats that old saying ..."A fool and his money ..."...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Aw, shucks, I bought the ...

You are correct about users being hooked on Adobe of course.

However, Adobe tend to follow the same marketing strategy as Norton , McAfee, and all things Symantec. If a new user gets a brand spanking new machine and Norton comes as part of the package - they'll use it because they think it must be good, otherwise the computer company wouldn't put it on the system.

What they don't realise is that Norton pays the computer company to pre-install the system with the Norton product.

Same goes for Adobe.

As for your workaround with M$ Word. Don't forget (omit to mention) that Open Office can save to PDF as standard.

By comparison: if Adobe is an envelope, Foxit is the stamp.

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YOu don'tneed any software to fill in PDFs

by Dr Dij In reply to Need software to fill in ...

you just need the software to CREATE the PDFs to fill in. The end users don't need anything. (but the reader plugin for free).

example: I downloaded the 1040a form from I typed in the boxes and saved, printed it. It can even do some scripts (probably javascript) like take the bottom box and put the value in form on next page.

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Not a typical scenario

by nepenthe0 In reply to YOu don'tneed any softwar ...

Most interactive .pdf forms are created with Adobe Acrobat. Without Acrobat software, you cannot save your form entries. Try it sometime. Your saved file will open with blank text fields.

This has been an irritant for many years. Adobe posts the free Reader so everyone can open an Adobe .pdf document, but Adobe wants you to purchase its pricey Acrobat software.

If you doubt the truth of this, send me an e-mail (my e-mail is posted on the TR Profile page), and I'll send you an interactive .pdf form created with Acrobat. Let me know if you can 'save' the entered text...

Rick/Portland, OR

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Yes but what I was saying

by Dr Dij In reply to Not a typical scenario

is that the END USER doesn't need Acrobat. They only need the free Acrobat Reader. SO they don't need to buy a zllion copies.

I filled my taxes out at home with IRS provided 1040 form, AND saved the filled out forms and I don't have Acrobat installed, just acrobat reader.

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by popstac In reply to Need software to fill in ...

I needed to do that the other day. It does indeed work. I was able to fill out the form and then email to myself, which I
then forwarded to the organization.

No fuss. No muss. No software to install.

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Or try and use Foxit for here..

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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one option

by kellymccohan In reply to Need software to fill in ...

I use to fill in my documents. It is not expensive and you don`t have to install any software. I like it. I hope this link will be useful. :)

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