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By philldmc ·
Dear all,

I need some advice on how to correctly set this up. In a nutshell I have a client that is renting out office space so they will be sharing one internet connection but each business has their own server that is a domain controller.

Business A we will call domain Adam and business B we will call domain Eve. Domain Adam is SBS 2003 domain Eve is Server 2000 standard. Both servers are domain controllers running DHCP and DNS.

At first both servers were set to use the same IP scheme (192.168.1.x) however I changed domain Eve to use a differnt IP scheme (10.10.1.x)

The primary internet connection is split with older Linksys router, one line goes into a Baracuda firewall for domain Adam, then the second line is going into a Linksys WRT110 for domain Eve. WRT110 is given the IP address of but gets the WAN IP assigned from the other Linksys.

Both domains see and can use the internet with no problem. The problem comes in is that domain EVE can see domain Adam. Domain Adam can not see domain Eve. If you try to join a workstation to domain Eve to it ends up trying to join the domain Adam even though the domain names are different.

Any suggestions on where to start?


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Not sure why you have the problem, I'd have done things a bit different

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Need Some Advice

Consider setting up the domains as follows:

Adam - mask with DNS as the first then with a gateway of

Eve - mask with DNS as the first then with a gateway of


hard / static set the DNS and gateway settings

That should have both systems looking to their servers first, but directly to the gateway as backup DNS and as external gateway. You may want to check the routing tables within the routers to and adjust as needed.

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Shouldnt make a difference what ever address range you use

by 2BlueUK In reply to Not sure why you have the ...

I would say look over your firewall settings again and make sure both of the subnets are allowed to send and recieve requests.
Another suggestion would be create a alias on the router for the gateway so that each network has a gateway in their current address range, e.g;
theoretically this shouldnt make a difference and should work even if you have the gateway on a completely different addressing scheme but yes they are out there to make your job as hard as it can get.....Those bloddy gremlins!!!

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Current settings

by philldmc In reply to Shouldnt make a differenc ...

Adam: (Server 2003 SBS Domain Conrollter running DNS and DHCP)
IP Address Scheme: 192.168.1.x
DNS: to External DNS)

Eve: (Server 2000 Domain Controller running DNS and DHCP)
IP Address Scheme: 10.10.1.x
DNS Server (forwards to

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by BFilmFan In reply to Need Some Advice

Are the domains in the same AD forest?

Is the WINS service running on Eve and not on ADAM?

Is DNS enabled on both domain controllers?

If you do not have WINS or DNS installed, how are the clients reaching the domain controllers to register DNS records?

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Different Domains

by philldmc In reply to Questions

Eve was an existing domain at a different physical location. Eve is a Windows 2000 server running DNS, DHCP, no wins.

Adam is a totally different domain, SBS2003 running DNS, DHCP, no wins.

the owners of Eve physically moved into the same building where Adam is running. Now they want two different domains but to share the single internet connection.

because both domains were running the same IP scheme, even the server were named the same with the same IP address ("Server" with and their routers had the same IP of I ended up changing the Eve domain to a 10.10.1.x scheme rebuild the DNS and reprogrammed the DHCP to give out the 10.10.1.x addresses.

For some reason the existing computers on the EVE domain run just fine however these computers can also ping, and see computers on the Adam domain. If I try to join a computer to the Eve domain it actually tries to join the Adam domain. This is where I need help.

The Adam domain does NOT see the Eve domain..only Eve sees Adam.

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Why do I remember seeing this question before?

by jdclyde In reply to Need Some Advice

I would bet you missed a setting somewhere when you changed the network of the one domain.

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Routing between networks

by LarryD4 In reply to Need Some Advice

Umm your missing something

Adam is 192.168.1.x
Eve is 10.10.1.x

Then whats the IP domain for the network that they are connecting to??

You have a linksys router that connects to the web via a wan link.

You have both networks connected to the linksys with their own IP subnet

Whats the IP subnet for the linksys network?
And did you setup routing between subnets on the linksys?

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