Need some assistance... re: Dial Up

By rwbyshe ·
I'll try not to make this to lengthy.

I have a 66 year old friend who is a quadraplegic and is confined to a county nursing home. His laptop computer, from 5:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. each evening after dinner, is his whole life. His laptop is the only thing he can truly physically control with very special optical/infrared equipment. He's not in the same dire situation as Stephen Hawking but all he can move is his head.

Here's the issue.
He has no other internet option in the hospital he's in other than dial up. There is no high speed internet forcasted for the forseeable future.

He is currently with NetZero and constantly has email functionality problems with them.

Obviously, email is his social lifeblood.

My question is this.
In your expert opinions, what is the best overall dial-up ISP out there? Is there one that stands heads above all the others for functionality and "speed"?

I appreciate your help in (hopefully) making his life just a little bit better.

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by santeewelding In reply to Need some assistance... r ...

I see issues here that go all over the place.

As to the one -- which dialup service -- maybe you could start with the one you have, NetZero. Take what you are saying straight to their people. If they are human, they may do every thing in their purvey to help.

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Well, what email problems is he having?

by seanferd In reply to Need some assistance... r ...

NetZero and/or this forum may be able to help with that. Are you sure it is an ISP and not a computer issue?

Bad news on speed: All dial-up is limited to 56kbps. Very slow.

If he likes to browse as well as email, using ad blockers will greatly speed up page load times.

You may want to see what other dial-up is available in your area before asking for an opinion.

Sadly, AOL is probably better than NetZero, but I can hardly recommend it. You may have a few other options from national and local ISP's though. So check what is available according to your friend's location.

Many here will be glad to help further. To recap: We need to know what is available in your friends area. We (or NetZero) need to know exactly what kind of email problems he is having.

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Opera Turbo

by TobiF In reply to Well, what email problems ...

Opera browser comes with the free service "Opera Turbo", which, when called for, will downscale pictures and cut some invisible crap and speed up browsing substantially.

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Need some assistance... r ...

on how much of the advice offered here that you follow and the result of following that advice, Earthlink has been very good to me for dialup. Brightmail is their spam-blocking service, and I can't imagine it getting much better.

Also, NetZero as a downloaded freebie is accessed via NetZero's proprietary software, though that software is unnecessary. I've cleaned it out of two family member's machines after getting explicit configuration from NetZero tech support. Both machines ran much better without the steeenkeen software, and had no problems dialing up directly.

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SurfBest has worked well for me.

I still have it as a backup. It may not be the least expensive, but at $12.95 per month for basically unlimited access, it isn't over priced. They do offer a Windows setup download, but when you subscribe they send you all the information you need to setup any OS, any that has dialup capability that is, to connect...I even have my old DOS computer setup to dial SurfBest.
Then as Tobif stated, use Opera web browser with Turbo enabled, and browsing is at least acceptable. I still use Opera 9.64, as some of the later versions have a few problems reported, though version 10.10 has been well received.

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by brian In reply to Need some assistance... r ...

If it is just e-mail functionality issues, have you though about seeing if you can maybe do a gmail account or hotmail account, moving away from the netzero e-mail? it may be an option, and if it has to be done it outlook express or something of the sorts, check to see if there are any free e-mail addresses out there other than net zero that will allow for the e-mails to be downloaded to an e-mail client (more control of the e-mails and also after download, they don't have to reload every time there is a connection made to the server)....

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