Need some assistance with linux (Freespire)

By knightowl49p ·
My motherboard is from PM12-TL they do not support linux os with drivers. This means my audio by Avance AC 97 VIA Controller now does not work in linux. My installation CD for a Canon MP170 printer does not have a linux choice. My favorite websites close as soon as flash is needed, which I would quickly remedy with a download from but this site shuts down the mozilla type browser before I even see the first screen. So my question is this--are there solutions to these situations? Or am I resigned to a return to windows to hear, print and browse? I am game enough to try a change but this has been very trying. I was successful with setting up my home networking to 2 other windows xp computers, which I expected problems. Thanks in advance. Nancy

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by Choppit In reply to Need some assistance with ...

Download the .tar.gz version for Linux, extract and place in your plugins directory.

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Out of interest..

by Choppit In reply to Need some assistance with ...

Why Freespire and not another more actively maintained distro such as (K)Ubuntu?

If you're not tied to Freespire many distros can be run from a live CD so you can test for things like audio support.

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I wondered the same

by santeewelding In reply to Out of interest..

Like trying to find airbag sensors for a Studebaker.

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My guess? Was "most like Windows".

by seanferd In reply to Out of interest..

Which was the thing with Lindows/Linspire/Freespire.

I'd suggest one of the Ubuntus, esp. Mint. Really easy, no CD burning involved if you

Run it Live, install it if you like it.

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freespire followup

by knightowl49p In reply to Need some assistance with ...

Thank you are for the sound advice. This will surely help.

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