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Need some good points for the better Network Developement

By ganesh.jaratarghar ·
I am Ganesh working in an organization, having 150-180 Users, as a Junior System Administrator. There are two Networks Network1 & Network2, situated at two different offices. We are using 4MBPS Fiber Optic WAN to connect both the Networks. One Network is in the range of and one more network is in the range of In the first netwrok there are arround 100 Systems and in the second Network there are 50-80 Systems. We are using the following in the first Network:
1.Mail Exchange Server 2005

2.SMS Server

3.Windows 2003 R2 Server with ADS in this we will be keeping User Account information and folder redirection, Maping the network drives.

4.WSUS Server

5.Norton Anti-Virus Server

6.RIS, DHCP Server.

According t my Senior System Administrator the windows security update service server wil update all the patches & updates automatically whenever it finds new updates. I want to know ho to configure WSUS Server I mean the pre-requisits which are required for the installation of WSUS Server.

2.Windows 2003 R2 Server is the Domain controller where we have maintained user account information and to which all the client systems are connected then how all the systems get the Microsoft Updates from WSUS Server? & how all the systems get the Norton Anti-Virus updates from the Norton-Anti-Virus Server?

3.Previously there was only one office, now there are two offices we have used Fiber Optic Cable from 1st office to 2nd users of 1st Network Domain can access the systems at the second Network & vice-versa. Instead of keeping these users keeping in separate Domain we can keep them in one domain only then what may be the reason?

4.If I can access systems of one network in another by giving IP Address then why not by giving computer names?

5. there any other way to simplify this network environment and to understand it as to what was his plan and what exactly is his plan?

6.ease guide me the procedures which I have to follow as a New System Administrator fo the developement of the New Network not managing or learning the existing network.

7.Can any buddy help me in understanding the concatination of IP Address.

8.I have enough amount of experiance working with the Desktop systems fro 2 years now I am concentrating on Servr Installation, Configureation, Maintainance, Developement & troubleshooting Network.

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