Need some help with windows remote desktop

By rlynch@lockhartcadillac. ·
Here is what Im trying to do. I use remote desktop to troubleshoot all the pc's on our wan. There are times I would like to reboot the remote pc into safe mode with networking to continue to troubleshoot. Is there a way to remotely reboot the remote pc into safe mode with networking and keeping the ablilty to use remote desktop to log back in after that pc reboots? I go into msconfig and try to configure some settings on the remote pc, but everytime that machine reboots into safemode with networking, I lose the ability to get back in using remote desktop from my end. Thanks in advance for any help.

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RDP in sage mode

by simontodd In reply to Need some help with windo ...

In short, no you can not use RDP in safe mode. It calls on to many services to run. What are you trying to troubleshoot might be a better question. There are many tools that can watch and monitor a pc during login and the general running of the PC.


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