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Need Some Server Info :)

By shadowrage ·
my name is Justin and im new to this thread. Recently I have had an interest in starting up a game server business and just needed some answers from you guys who know about servers more than i would. I have made my own dedicated servers on my Home Pc and they ran ok... as long as they were used for only The server. Now im wanting to branch off and get real servers but since I dont make much money Currently I am wanting to build my own servers. I have built a few PC's and understand the general layout yet I dont know if a game servers will differ. I just need to clear up a few things below.

1. Can a game server host more than 1 game efficiently?

2. What do I and dont I need in a game server? (IE. Hardware)

3. where are some good places to start looking for those pieces of hardware?

4. would it be a good Idea to get a Business License and buy components in bulk first?

Thats all for now. Your are not obligated to tell me anything at all. Just looking for a little help in areas where I cant find help. Thank you all.


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you need a BIG connection

by CG IT In reply to Need Some Server Info :)

A better way of approaching hosting internet games is first to determine how many users would connect simultaneously at a peak time. To do that, you need some marketing analysis of the games you want to host, their popularity, life expectency of popularity. Minimum amount of users to make the hosting profitable. From there, you can have a better idea of what type of connection you'll need [and cost] to host the game and the hardware of the server you'll need.

As a rough guideline

2. Throughput and load balancing is important as well as redundancy. Often, game hosters use server clusters

Consider SCSI drives, dual processors, and if the market shows enough user to support it, fiber optic.

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rtfm.... manuals tell all you need.

by akalinowski In reply to Need Some Server Info :)

read the manuals to each game, it'll tell you how much processor power you need per user connected and same for bandwidth and memory, you can run multiple game servers on one server, and it should run fine as long as you keep it under the threshold

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Lots of work

by jmgarvin In reply to Need Some Server Info :)

First you need to get a BIG pipe. A dedicated T1 (1.5 megabits/sec) is about $1000 on install and about $300/month. You can get a deal on a T3 in some areas, but it will run you about $800/month.

Dark Fiber might be the way to go if your local company is looking to sell some bandwidth fast, but you will still pay through the nose (at least $1000/month).

1) Yes, however you should probably work in either clusters or have a REALLY beefy server.

2) You need tons of RAM, a RAID with lots of disk space, at least dual proc, and plenty of cooling. A 2U rackmount would be perfect.

3) Tigerdirect, Dell, and your local computer part folks

4) NO! You will spend a ton of money (business licensing usually will run you around $300, plus taxation is a *****...if your state has gross recipts, then you will be screwed at the end of the year if you made minimal sales).

You need to think about what games you are going to serve. What OS you are going to use (if you are using MS servers you might want to look at getting per seat licencing). How many players are going to be on and how much space each needs.

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by jkatju2005 In reply to Need Some Server Info :)

Try getting some real servers... like Intel-XEON based servers or AMD Opteron based Servers for your kind of work. I think... economically speaking even AMD Athlon 64 based PCs with higher-end configuration will also do... being light on your pocket at the same time.

regards... Jayant :-)

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thanx :)

by shadowrage In reply to hi...

thank you for your replies :). They were all much appreciated.

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by echo_1_one In reply to thanx :)

Just curious how your endeavor is going. I'm also starting a few gaming servers and was wondering what games your hosting and where. Email off line at if you don't want to post here.

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