Need %SystemRoot%\explorer.exe assistance.

By nitecloak ·
I am trying to do something quite specific with an instance of Explorer running under Windows Vista (32).

As most people already know, by editing the target properties of the shortcut to Explorer.exe you can force it to open in a specific folder, such as your C: Drive

For Example:
%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /n, /e, /root, C:

In my case however, I want to have Explorer open on what Vista calls 'Computer' (basically MyComputer from WinXP) such that it will open displaying all my physical and removable drives which is where I typically navigate from.

I find all of Vista's pretty public and private folders superfluous for my needs but I also find opening Explorer at a specific drive to be too narrow. I do not wish to create multiple shortcuts instances for each of my drive as that too would be superfluous.

Does anyone know the answer to this? Is it even possible with switches available to force Explorer to open in the drive volumes view?

Sadly something like

%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /select Computer


%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /n, /root Computer

doesn't work.

Any tips appreciated.

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Windows Vista.

You are a bit early for Vista.
I will have a crack at it in a year or two and let you know, as for now i would not but Vista until everthing gets sorted out by Microsoft.
I am having a guess here (might be wrong) but can you just make a short cut for your drives onto your desktop.?

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Not my desire

by nitecloak In reply to Windows Vista.

I would rather not. If you read my post again you'll see that that is something I am specifically trying to avoid.

Its a small thing I know, but I do like to optimize my productivity when navigating around my desktop and a shortcut to my drive volumes would be a nice help.

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Try This

by edweirdo In reply to Need %SystemRoot%\explore ...

Open Computer in folder view. Click on Desktop, you will now see Computer in the right hand panel, rightclick on computer and you will get the option to place a shortcut of itself on the desktop, say yes and when you now open computer from the shortcut on the desktop it will open exactly as you explained.

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