need table that calculates hours worked by start/end time in quarter hour s

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Hello, I need a simple table I can print out that calculates total hours worked by start and end times. Each shift is a maximum of 5 hours, and all start and end times are in quarter hours(9:00, 9:15, 9:30, 9:45...)and the totals need to be in fractional values(2.25 hours, 2.5 hours, 2.75 hours...) Sadly, my workplace is very low tech and we do all timesheets by hand, so anything where I have to "plug in" values to get an answer won't really work. I'm really looking for a pre-printed table I can consult visually to get an answer (I get so many timecards with start times of 1:45 and ending at 4:30 and while the total may seem obvious to figure, when you're doing lots of them at a time and adding them to other shifts later in the day, it gets really confusing and I make mistakes in calculation. That's why a pre-printed chart I can consult quickly would really help). If anyone knows of one out there, I'd be very grateful if you'd direct me to it.

I'm hopeless with creating spreadsheets with embedded formulas that might do this for me, which is another reason I'm hoping to find a table that's already been created by someone out there.


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