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Need Title Help!!!!!!

By dmarston ·
After reading several "what?s your title" type posts, I am left with one of those "I wish I had that kind of problem" problem.
The I.T. department here is 2 people, my boss, and myself.
We have 10 servers and 100 workstations (all windoze) and with all that comes with it.
I was originally hired as "Computer Support" (i.e. level 1), when the company bought a new ERP system, the implementation of which was going to take all of my bosses time, so they needed someone to "take care of all the little stuff" while he put the new system in place. That job description lasted about 3 weeks. Having worked in the I.T field for several years as a network/sys admin, my skill set was quickly put to use for things well beyond ?Level one? (Like setting up VLANS, configuring a new firewall, revamping AD and group Policies, Disaster recovery planning, etc etc..[all hats kind of thing])
I have now been with the company for a little over a year and my boss totally agrees that my current job description and title are woefully lacking.
I have been given the opportunity to re-write my job description and find an appropriate title.
While the description is easy, the title is not.
Here is why:
In my case, my title is not just resume padding,
Our HR director goes out to and the state employment website to gather industry standards for compensation, and uses that pay range.
All the titles I can find are very specific about responsibilities, whereas I do ?All of the above?.
So, (keeping in mind I want to be realistic, so I actually get the title and compensation suitable for my job), what title would you suggest????

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by BFilmFan In reply to Need Title Help!!!!!!

Sounds as if your boss is wanting to use a title to justify a raise to HR.

You are a Systems Engineer or a Systems Analyst.

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by Ed Woychowsky In reply to Titles

Add senior to the Systems Engineer or a Systems Analyst titles. Makes it sound like you're an expert.

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Senior Network Administrator ?

by dmarston In reply to Addition

sound about right? I'm not sure about the Senior part tho.. Does it imply I should have people reporting to me?

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Senior means

by Cactus Pete In reply to Senior Network Administra ...

That just implies your level of expertise.

Lead implies you are somewhat responsible for others.

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What is your Bosses Title?

by prouthier In reply to Need Title Help!!!!!!

Before I can help with your title, I need to know what your boss does. Is he the owner of the company?

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(sorry for the delay)

by dmarston In reply to What is your Bosses Title ...

(out of office with sick child)
My boss is "Director Of I.S."
he reports to CFO who reports to CEO

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emm quiet alike

by merah678 In reply to Need Title Help!!!!!!

u know what same here..and i only got got the "system and technical support" post..that is why they said that a willing horse carry more burden

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VP, Teleconvergence Control

by AllGeek2Me In reply to Need Title Help!!!!!!

VP, Teleconvergence Control
says it all.

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