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    Need to be alerted of Service Crashes


    by shs_bulldog ·

    Hi. I run Winproxy on my network. Over 1000 computers connect to my proxy server. Promblem is, sometimes the WinProxy has some kind of fatal error, and it stops. Some of the time the service will still be running, but It has actually stopped. Is there a way that I could be alerted (besides the calls) of when WinProxy goes down or even better, is there a way that the service could be restarted automatically instead of me going and doing it?? Thanks

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      Need to be alerted of Service Crashes

      by nosrednaanit ·

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      There are a number of third party products that can monitor services and notify you in event of a failure. I have checked out Freshwater Software’s product, SiteScope, which is pretty basic and easy to manage. Also, there is IPMonitor by Media House which is also a basic utility. Both of these products have free evaluations that you can download from their websites. Additionally, there is a higher end product called NetIQ that is very customizable (and obviously a little more complex to manage). I believe that NetIQ just bought out Mission Critical, which had a very similar product.

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      Need to be alerted of Service Crashes

      by simon.wellborne ·

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      As your previous correspondent said, there are plenty of 3rd part apps to monitor a service.

      However, in your case the service is still running so most of these apps would not identify this as a failure. You’ll want a app which will actually monitor the port status. If the service stops accepting connections it should then take action.

      Alternatively, if you cannot find such as product there are workarounds using perfmon and the tcp stats or proxy stats. If monitoring the proxy stats and the connections start dropping, it could alert you or stop/restart the service.

      I’ve done this previously, although not with Proxy – and it works ok, until a fix is found that causes the fatal error.

      Good luck

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