Need to buy laptop?

By sanwardak ·
I need to buy Acer Aspire 15.6" Intel Core i3-370M Laptop (AS5733-6850) - Grey laptop. Does anyone have used this model and how would you rate it?


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Your question sounded like if you're a laptop salesman :)

by robo_dev In reply to Need to buy laptop?

I don't think there is a whole lotta difference between laptop brand A vs. brand B.

The big question is how often it breaks and how quickly/cheaply it can get fixed.

Also, if you are ever need tech support, can you get it.

Acer gets fairly good marks for quality, but not very good ratings for tech support.

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Reponse To Answer

by sanwardak In reply to Your question sounded lik ...

I am ok I can fix it my self too. But I wanted to know about the lasting of the hardware.They overheat etc. I think it is up to the person how they use it, if you take care it good it will last long.

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In general, most of the reports on Acer reliability are mixed

by robo_dev In reply to Need to buy laptop?

Consumer reports gives Acer a 'brand reliability' rating second only to Apple.

While the laptop magazine gives Acer a second-from-last rating. Personally I like Dell, but I also own a good number of HP computers and laptops which seem to work well.

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From what I have seen from Customers Acers

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Need to buy laptop?

They leave a lot to be desired in Basic Configuration and Backup Service. One Customer was instructed by Acer here to prize the front bezel off their dead Acer Monitor to check something and when that failed to fix the problem they where told to bring it into Acer. When they got to the Acer Service Center which they had rung they where informed that as the unit had been opened it was no longer covered by a Warranty and it's their problem. So basically if you did as you where told you voided the warranty and if you didn't do as you where told they charged you for the repair. Sort of means the same thing to me no matter what you do.

As for NB's overheating they all do and every NB needs a Cool Pad under it to stop them overheating and sucking in all the Airborne Gunk that floats around and blocks the Internal Cooling Ducts in every NB. One like the Antec Unit shown here is great

You can source these things from different sources and I believe that they can be got for as little as $20.00 on E Bay. I do not supply any NB without one of these coolers and as a direct result of this practice the only NB Failure any of my customers has ever had was a DVD Drive failing because a Ribbon Cable was not properly fixed under the Drawer.

As for the Basic Configuration they need more RAM I still remember a Customer who bought a NB loaded with Vista which took 45 minutes to be usable when you restarted it after applying any updates. The unit only had 1 GIG of RAM and when I fitted the most it could carry 4 GIG the owner refused to believe it was the same computer, they originally thought I would insist on removing Vista and installing XP to make it usable as at that time everyone that they spoke to was deriding Vista. When I suggested adding more RAM they wanted to know why Acer themselves had not made that suggestion as they where claiming that it was working perfectly which it was even though it was piratically unusable.


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by oldbaritone In reply to From what I have seen fro ...

my cousin is an attorney, and when Acer told her to break the seal she said "just as soon as you fax me a letter authorizing me to break the seal and stating that it will not void my warranty." The rep refused to do that, so she returned it with seal intact. It's a rotten trick they do; don't fall for it.

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by Slayer_ In reply to From what I have seen fro ...

No tall overheat. My G74sx never overheats. I can game hard core on it for days on end and never even feel the heat.
Have a look.

Asus is easily the best brand.

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