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    need to Change computer name


    by kn_abhilash ·


    i have windows 2000 server domain,
    and i have mixed clients win98, NT workstation, 2000 proff

    i want to change the computer name of all the client machines
    how can i do that, can i simply put some other name,
    will it affect any thing in functioning of the pcs
    and what all then steps to be taken care while doing this
    pls specifiy OS wise


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      Reply To: need to Change computer name

      by allan13 ·

      In reply to need to Change computer name

      On the NT and Win2K units you will have to disjoin the computer from the domain. Then change the computer name, reboot, and then rejoin to your domain with the new computer name. This will not be needed on the Win98. Just change the name and reboot and log back into the domain.

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      Reply To: need to Change computer name

      by mm_it ·

      In reply to need to Change computer name

      With regards to W2K, I think that you can rename the computer without having it disjoined. You’ll just have to right-click on the My Computer then click on the Network Identification Tab. You’ll then see 2 buttons, click on Properties, in the computer name, you can now change it. Restart is needed for changes to take-effect.

      I’m sure that I have done that a couple of times but sometimes it’ll require you to first disjoin the machine from the network then rejoin again.

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