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Need to choose a backup solution.

By eheraldez ·
Hi everyone,

My latest project in cleaning up the mess left by our previous administrator is coming up with a reliable disaster/recovery plan. I have about 12 servers, and while I need backups of all of them my 3 of most critical concern are my domain controller, my exchange server, and my 3 SQL servers. We're a 24/7 call center so I need to be able to bring the systems back as fast as possible.

I'm thinking disk imaging is my best route, I just really don't know what software to choose. Aside from the obvious Symantec and Acronis (which I actually used and liked) I'm open to feedback and suggestions as to what everyone else out there is using.

As far as storage i have a Linksys NSS400 which I'm planning to upgrade to 4TB and a small buffalo storage NAS which I plan on using as a "football," keeping it stored offsite with a member of upper management.

As far as cost im trying to keep it as low as possible. Just from doing some ball bark estimating I'm thinking I can keep this under $1500 for licensing and hardware.

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data backup solution

by natasha8 In reply to Need to choose a backup s ...

Hi eheraldez,

We recently asked ourselves the same question. We were looking for a reliable data backup software that ensures 5 key features
- fast recovery & migration
- low costs
- automated & centrally managed data backups (so users aren't in control of backups and backups take place without interrupting productivity)
- reduced required storage space (data compression)
- data encryption.
We chose a software called cibecs - I think the website is there are other options you could look at like mozy, druva and symantec. But for us cibecs ticked all the right boxes.

Hope this helps :)

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