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Need to clean-up win98-lots of problems

By tech_wiz03 ·
My friend has a win98se system running on a compaq presario desktop unit with 384mb ram, 20gb harddisk, 1xdvd,1xzip,1xfdd,1xcdr/w(38x).

1) she has aol3.0,aol4.0.2,aol4.2.6,aol6.0 and would like to erase then all and put just 1 vers aol8.0. But needs to save all her aol email that she has downloaded local. Aol has told her she can't upgrade without loosing all settings and data, and would require all previous versions to stay resident.

2) Her system is running real slow especially access to the cdr/w drive

3) Excel used to have save_as type which included the type "dos-text" now it no longer shows this type even by re-installing

Any help would be appreciated.


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by DKlippert In reply to Need to clean-up win98-lo ...

Excel has a "Text(Tab delimited)", "CSV", and "Text(MS-DOS)"

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by tech_wiz03 In reply to

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I know, but these three stopped showing suddenly and they didn't come back with complete fresh install either. All she is getting for types is save as worksheet or saveas workbook and all xls sheets she makes only open on her pc on everyones elses they come back with excel unsupported format.

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by fred07 In reply to Need to clean-up win98-lo ...


Open cdrw program and copy to disk all of the files she wishes to save

I make a complete copy of the HD to disk before I do any thing else

Make sure she has all the media for her programs

Full format and include fdisk MBR

Reinstall all

Insert proper disk and copy files back into the proper programs

I use a floppy for address book

I use a floppy for my favorites

Dump AOL if possible as it is a lot of extra money for somthing you get for free anyway

AOL is great for travelers who need access US or Worldwide from where ever they find themselves.
A waste of funds for an at home system.


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by tech_wiz03 In reply to

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Yes,I have a great deal of work to try and get her pc into shape and trying to do from 3000 miles away with someone that doesn't know much about pc's. Her ISP is AOL which I had dumped myself after 2 weeks but for her it's basically her only option right now. She is trying to salvage her info by cutting and pasting the emails content into ms-word but this is a slow process. She hopes to eventually get all her stuff out of aol so she can have more options. I use emailchemy which reads all iex.xx outlook netscape and opera mail and writes them as text files to my local pc. Then use a program I wrote called email-db to read and catalog all the text files into a searchable database. Unfortunately, emailchemy can't fetch aol emails.

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by DKlippert In reply to Need to clean-up win98-lo ...

Here's a support document:
Certain ISAM Drivers Not Appearing in Files Of Type Box 171955

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by tech_wiz03 In reply to

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Thanks, I checked out the site and the text dll was missing from her system and we found and replaced it. She now has the text optionagain but also got about 5 to 6 other ones that she had never noticed before.

I am hoping that after we manage to straighten out her pc to a point where we can wipe the hdd and re-install everything we can fix the slow ops and terribly slow cdr/w drive.

We would like to change her config from 18GB of C: and 2GB d: compaq special drive to something more functional like 6GB c:,2GB compaq, and 12GB data but i don't know if this is possible being that it's a compaq using the special d: undocumentewd drive.

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by tech_wiz03 In reply to Need to clean-up win98-lo ...

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