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Hope this is the correct place to post this.
Recently installed Firefox but not sure if it is the problem, I believe it may be spyware or some advertising bug.
Problem is when I put the mouse over a folder a need to close popup occurs usually for Explorer. I can not delete the folder I have tried in DOS as well. My virus checker and Spyware progs all stop running when they get to this folder. I have also tried on line scanners but thety can't detect the problem
I ahve also noticed my brpser goes to advertising sites now a few times before going to the proper link
Any ideas what this is, how I can delete the folder etc

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Advertising bug = Spyware

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to NEED TO CLOSE -

It certainly sounds like you have a bad case of spyware. Try an industrial class anti-spyware tool such as Spyware Doctor, from, or Spy Sweeper, from

I hope this helps.

Craig Herberg

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Also run any Spy Ware scans in

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Advertising bug = Spyware

Safe Mode so that you stand a chance of removing any instances of infection. And I do mean Safe Mode not Safe Mode With Networking or anything else as you need to isolate the computer when running the scan.

Just make sure that you have everything updated before booting into Safe Mode and it will be OK.


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by melvyn.pearson In reply to Also run any Spy Ware sca ...

Safe mode - Scan with Ewido found the culprit
Backdoor -fossi.*** or similar

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