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Need to convert NTFS to FAT32

By philip.hughes ·
I need to uninstall Windows XP Pro from a Laptop and reinstall Win 98SE. I'm unsure how to convert an NTFS drive back to FAT32. HELP!!

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by timwalsh In reply to Need to convert NTFS to F ...

There is no conversion from NTFS to any other file systems (without using third party software. You must reformat the drive. Your best bet is to boot from a Win98 boot disk, furn fdisk to delete existing partitions, and recreate the DOS partitionsyou require. When you reboot, you can reformat the drive as FAT32.

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Partition Commander

by JackOfAllTech In reply to Need to convert NTFS to F ...

If you don't need to preserve your data, the previous answer is correct. Otherwise buy a copy of Partiton Commander (sorry, no URL - go to Best Buy or similar). It can convert back and forth with no data loss.


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Partition Magic

by PK88400 In reply to Need to convert NTFS to F ...

If you really need to preserve ur data (hope you DID save them anyway) I'd suggest
look for their tool Partition Magic - I managed to convert NTFS to and fro FAT32 or FAT.

Good luck!

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by djent In reply to Partition Magic

A word of caution, backup or die! Murphy lives.

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If you need the data

by admin In reply to Need to convert NTFS to F ...

just write it to another drive first and then fdisk and format. It works better the clean way over the long haul IMO.

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by philip.hughes In reply to Need to convert NTFS to F ...

Thanks for the suggestions. I don't have any important data on the drive but I wasn't sure fdisk would work in this case. I checked on the Microsoft Tech Net site and everything I read told me that it was not possible to revert an NTFS drive back toFAT16/FAT32. I'll give it a shot and see what happens. Again Thanks.

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You can't revert NTFS to FAT32

by rsanchezp In reply to Thanks!

Mmmm...never heard of a third party software that is able to change your file system from NTFS to FAT16/FAT32.

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by Jim Phelps In reply to Thanks!

If you don't need to save any data, then this is a no-brainer: FDISK the drive, remove all partitions (except for any "service" partitions), then start over with FAT32.

I would never upgrade ("downgrade"?), if I wasn't worried about saving my data. I would ALWAYS wipe the drive and start over. You'll get the best results that way.

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Clean HD COMPLETELY...Use Debug Routine

by NicksComputerFixIt In reply to Thanks!

I use this Debug routine to completely remove ALL from an existing HD. Doesn't matter wheather its NTFS, FAT32, FAT, Linux, or whatever...

Insert WIN98 boot disk.
Boot to A: Prompt
Type in DEBUG [enter]
Machine displays a dash
Now type inthese lines in sequence...
f 200 L1000 0 [enter]
a cs:100 [enter]
mov ax,301 [enter]
mov bx,200 [enter]
mov cx,1 [enter]
mov dx,80 [enter]
int 13 [enter]
int 20 [enter]
g [enter]

Good disk wiping...

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Convert from nfts to fat32

by chetanpanse In reply to Need to convert NTFS to F ...

Hi budy.
If i am not wrong you can use Partitation magic 7 or higher to convert ntfs to fat32 without formatting it..try it out.

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