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Need to convince Co. to keep WinXP Pro

By kimscomputing ·
Have a company with p2p network. Used to have Win2000 pro on (acting server) and Win Me on 3 other computers. Upgraded to WinXp Pro and they believe the problems with their Win Me computers slowing down have to do with the upgrade. Now they want to leave ME (They Think its the best thing since sliced bread) and get rid of XP Pro. Please offer me some real arguements for keeping XP Pro and getting rid of WinME. They mainly share cable internet, access database and printers.

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by jschein In reply to Need to convince Co. to k ...

Win ME is a fluke of an OS... For a month straight they advertised ot... when it came out... no more advertising.

Win ME has too many operating system "Failures".

It is not a NETWORKING operating system, it is a local OS with no security features that has bugs. In time they will get hit with all of these bugs and the "oh-no's" and "uh-oh's" will be abundant. Just voice your opinion and let them know from an IT standpoint, it would be a bad move to a bad OS. When it hits rock bottom. Make the move.

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by jschein In reply to

In respect to Answer # 3...

Please learn how networking operates and WIN ME is for the home user. Not only is it highly unsecure for anything, including hackers, it has faults more than any OS, even 3.1

If you cannot figure that out, you are not in the Service and maintainability of systems.

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by TheChas In reply to Need to convince Co. to k ...

To be honest, I would recommend Windows 2000 on the server and the clients.

While XP Pro is a much better networking OS than Me, it is not a good server or business OS.

XP is less secure than W2K.

Me is / will be a serious security hole for any use!

Stability, XP is better than Me, W2K is the MOST stable version of Windows.

Me was released as a stop-gap on the road to XP. The original plans for Windows 2000 was for 1 OS to cover all users.
The problems game in making a game compatible platform that was stable.
Windows 2000 got the stability and networking code.
Windows Me became a cross pollinated OS.
Me uses W2K style drivers under Windows 9X code.

A couple of Me limitations that will soon impact most users:

RAM: Me is based on the core W9X code. As such it suffers from the large RAM bug and should never have more than 511MB of RAM installed.

Hard drives: Despite intentions to the contrary, the FAT32 file system is limited to a maximum hard drive size of 137GB.
(At least with Windows 98 and Me)

Pluses for W2K or XP:

NTFS: The NTFS file system is both more secure and more fault tolerant than FAT32.

Networking, Networking, Networking
W2K and XP Pro are designed for a network environment.

RAM: Both W2K and XP have no known RAM limits.

Hard Drives: With W2K SP3, and XP SP1, both can handle Terra-byte hard drives.

Security: With W2K and XP Pro, it is much easier to protect the network from outside risks.

Patches for security holes:
For the most part, Me is ONLY getting patches for holes in IE and components shared with W2K and XP.
W2K and XP are getting patches for nearly EVERY issue, be it security or operation.


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by kimscomputing In reply to

Thanks Chas - I decided to bite my tongue and go ahead with the proven track record of win2000.

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by OTL In reply to Need to convince Co. to k ...

I deal with;

Win 3.1 - system can not be upgraded further 386 PC

Win 95 - P1 66Mghz, 4 years no reboot running on compressed drive, very stable

Win 98 - P11 166Mghz 3 years, no reboot very stable.

Win ME - ATHLON ! Ghz, reboot every 24-96 hours, very stable, firewall/anti-virus only problems.

Win 2000 Pro - 800Mghz Laptop, what a pain ! No stability !

Win 2000 Server - P11 500 ?? What a pain to get loaded very stable once all configurations/updates are correct.

Win XP - 1.4 Ghz, very stable per my web surfing only son.

FYI - I like the idea of "if it works don't fix it" (Win 3.1)

BTW - Win ME and below are no longer TARGETS for viruses. Hackers found outlook and new operating systems much easier targets ! Viruses look great if you can debug them (do not target the OS

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by rindi1 In reply to Need to convince Co. to k ...

Microsoft will soon stop supporting Windows ME, if they haven't already stopped it. So you won't get any more security updates etc. New Software from other Companies won't support ME as a Plattform anymore either.

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by kimscomputing In reply to Need to convince Co. to k ...

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