Need to find a networking solution for a small office.

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Ok. I will try and make this as "uncomplicated" as possible. I might sound weird but here we go.

Let me start with the problem:

A: We have 10 users in some rented office space that we are unable to supply with sufficient internet speeds because the office management (RAMADA) will not allow us to bring in T1 or MPLS line, or any other type of outside connection source. We have tried educating them that these sources would bring no security risk to their development. They refuse to allow of regardless.

Our current source of internet access for this office location was setting up a wireless 3G air card router. Unfortunately this solution is no longer
an option because the speeds are just not sufficient enough to keep up with the users.

Our other option was have people use RAMADAS domain. We are OK with this but it only works to a certain point. We have a file server located there which contains information regarding the project. Our client does not want this server on their domain because of security reasons. As well, Ramada doesn't want anything on their domain that they can't have access to. So we are receiving it from both ends here which is making it extremely hard on my Manager and myself for finding a workable solution.

We need to be able to bring more internet bandwidth into this office and we are stumped on how exactly this can be done without bring in a line of some sort. I know it sounds extremely silly, and it is. These people will not budge with their decision so until then we have to respect it and find a solution for our users located there.

The only Solution I could come up with is bring in an additional wireless 3G router and splitting the users between the two. But we would also need these users to have access to the file server and printer which has a jet direct card. Or would there be away to bridge to two into one router and combine the connection speeds? That would be easiest because we could have the file server and printer hooked up to the router as well.

I?m not a network engineer so I don?t know a whole lot of setting up unique networks. But If I were to set up two WAPs would there be away to give both of these WAPS access to the file server and printer without having to install additional network cards on them? Could I possibly have a switch that the file server and printer are connected to then run the two 3G routers to the switch allowing both WAPs access to them?

It's harder for me to explain it then to just show you an illustration of the setup I was thinking of. Can you please tell me if this is possible, and if so how I would go about configuring it.

I basically want both WAPs to have access to the printer and file server through by using a switch. Please take it easy on me.  I feel like there are several conflicts with this setup but figured I'd get more experienced opinions on it first.

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