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need to format a blank USB hard drive

By tdevick ·
I have a 40GB hard I took out of my (fried) desktop computer and put it in an external enclosure that converts to a USB hard drive. I hooked it up to my laptop and it worked fine. When I got the original computer, though, it had two partitions: one 30GB and one 10GB. I wanted to merge the two partitions without buying something like Parition Magic (since it's a one-time thing). So, I downloaded a simple, DOS-based tool from Microsoft that lets you do a few things with drives and partitions. It's very primitive.

The long and short of it is, I managed to logically erase my hard drive. It now has no file system, drive identication, etc. When I plug it in to my laptop it is not recognized as a drive (I don't see an additional drive under My Computer). If I go into My Computer->Manage->Disk Management, it shows two physical units - 1 and 2. It shows ~40GB avail on unit 2. I select unit 2, right-click, and I don't have the option to format it. I can only access the properties.

I don't care about the data that was on the drive; I just want to format it so I can use it again. Any idea how to do that?

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Is there a partition on the drive?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to need to format a blank US ...

I believe you have to partition it and mark it as active before you can format it. You should be able to do this in Disk Management.

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don't see any way to partition the disk

by tdevick In reply to Is there a partition on t ...

The disk has no partitions on it at all. As far as Windows can tell from Disk Management, it's just a big 40GB block of nothing. I don't see any way in Disk Manager to parition the disk. If I click on the Actions menu, it has a Mark Partition as Active option, but it's grayed out. I don't see any obvious way to create a new partition.

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And there

by Michael Jay In reply to don't see any way to part ...

is no option to delete partition?

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I finally found a solution - from Seagate

by tdevick In reply to And there

My hard drive was made by Seagate, so I went out to Seagate's web site and found a download for their Disk Wizard tool (it's free). I installed it, powered up my hard drive, and was able to very easily do what Windows absolutely refused to do!

You can get their Disk Wizard from

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