Need to fully separate two subnets sharing same internet link

By ned2 ·
Real quick guys, i have two subnets :A and B separated by a linksys router.Wan Port for the linksys is
Subnet A is connected to a Netgear firewall/router behind the internet modem with routes to our other office sites(except subnet B) and to the internet.The linksys router is supposed to give subnet B access to the net, but unfortunately also gives access to subnet A resources.
I need for subnet B not to be able to access resources on subnet A.
I am thinking of directly linking the linksys with its own internet access and separate netgear firewall for internet. Any ideas guys?Need answers like yesterday.Thanks.

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by Jellimonsta In reply to Need to fully separate tw ...

Does your Netgear router/firewall have DMZ ability? If so, place your port that connects to subnet B into the DMZ port at a lower security level than subnet A.
This will allow subnet B to get to the Internet, but not subnet A, while still allowing subnet B access from A.

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How bout....

by Senrats In reply to Need to fully separate tw ...

Since Subnet B (Linksys) has a firewall, can you point port 80 through the Linksys to the Internal IP of Subnet A's (Netgear) and block all other ports from coming from Subnet B through the Linksys?

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Using home grade equipment

by jdclyde In reply to Need to fully separate tw ...

will give you home grade results.

What linksys is it you are using?

The only thing you can do is make it so the subnet you DON'T want access to is the one behind the linksys instead of the other one.

That or get ANOTHER linksys, each subnet behind one, and they both plug into the netgear.

good luck.

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Home grade routers

by Dumphrey In reply to Using home grade equipmen ...

are not really routers, but NAT boxes. (some do rip, but limited).
JD is right, each network on its own linksys, feeding into a third linksys/netgear router is the way to go short of buying an entry level enterprise class router or building a linux based router box.

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