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Need to get files off of a hard drive

By cantu.stephen ·
I need to pull some files off of the desktop of a hard drive that I have set as the slave drive on my computor for my supervisor the problem is is that he has it password protected and I can not pull them off of the desktop (it says access denied) i need to know how to get around that.

but there in lies a problem I know where to find the files on the desktop but i can not remove the password because when we try to log into the computer as normal the computer throws a bunch of errors and then restarts it self and it stays in that endless loop(i am sure it will end but i let it go for 7 times before turning the computer off)so again the only way to pull files off of it is to let it be the slave hard drive.

The computer is an eMachine if you are wandering what type it is.

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by rkuhn In reply to Need to get files off of ...

Two things:

1) Are you logging onto the PC with the slave drive as the administrator?

2) Try putting the hard drive back in the old PC and using a live distro such as Knoppix or Windows PE. It will allow you to boot off of the CD and avoid those errors but still give you access to the files on the hard drive.

Doesn't he know the password?

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by NZ_Justice In reply to Need to get files off of ...

1. Run a Preinstalled-install environment disk then copy the files on to a removable drive or net work drive. (Best Option out of the 3)

2. You could also run a Linux Live CD to get the files off.

3. This CD may also help you

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by cantu.stephen In reply to Need to get files off of ...

We know the password but as soon as you get to the log on spot you get all these errors and if you can log on you get a message from windows saying that the computer will shut down in 60 sec and it locks up i have already scaned for malware and spyware and such and also for viruses

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by cantu.stephen In reply to Need to get files off of ...

No we are not running the slave's admin acc I am running the master HD admin acc

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by mike_m In reply to Need to get files off of ...

If I understand it correctly, mount the HD on another PC together with another new or erasable one. Then make a Ghost copy of yours, specifying option convert to FAT32. This will copy all files and lose priviledges. Also You may try to convert the disk to FAT32 with Partition Magic, without unmounting the HD, using the same PC, but you need to boot from PM boot disk if you can do this.
Good luck.

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by rngara In reply to Need to get files off of ...

the easiest way is, since you already have the hdd plugged in the other pc as a slave, create the same user and password as the owner of the hdd that is hooked as a slave, log on using this new account, and you will have access to the files

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by cantu.stephen In reply to Need to get files off of ...

Well as it turns out the hard drive did what I was expecting it to do just before I was able to attempt to ghost the hard drive the hard drive crashed.

first the partition disapeared then then when I tryed to open the hard drive windows said that it was not formated and needed to be formated to open it so after trying a million different way to gain accsses to the hard drive but to no avail I decided to format it and start all over again although I did get the bulk of the information I needed off with ease because it was not protected

the problem was when I formated it it was a 200 gig hard drive but it formated out to 74.5 gigs

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