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By mniks1989 ·
I have 2 shippers in my warehouse [North Jersey] that will have to go to auction. We have sent the certified letters but I can't get a straight answer on the next step. Even the Board of Consumer Affairs gave me a vague reply. I have done this before and we had to have a public auction that was advertised in 2 newspapers. But this was yaers ago and I don't have it commited to memory. Anyone know the fine details or maybe could shoot me a link for something we could download? The red tape so far has gotten pretty thick and we have gotten nowhere quick. Thanks in advance to anyone who might chime in.

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It would seem to me.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Need to know

... your first call should be to your lawyer and the 2nd call to your accountant. Why would you think there is anything we could do for you here, let alone IF anything we told you to do would be legal in your state?

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by kallyniks In reply to Need to know

I auction stuff off all the time, I'm the Simon Legree of delinquent storage customers....but I'm in Georgia....this stuff is covered state by state, each may be different, so I recommend you get with a local lawyer to get advice. I give plenty of advice, but a lot of it is wrong, so get you some good advice from a lawyer, and then you'll have it on file for future use.

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