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Need to Know About the Best Mobile App Technology.

By tony_123 ·
Hey, guys, I need to about the mobile app technology So can anybody please help me know about that.

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by samgord In reply to Need to Know About the Be ...

What do you mean?
App builders?
for ios or android?

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Need to know about the app technology.

by tony_123 In reply to what

Yes, app builder, Actually I want it to run on both android and ios.

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develop apps for iOS and Android

by Joneonau In reply to Need to Know About the Be ...

If you’re interested in developing a cross-platform app then I can provide you with some useful tools which are currently available.

Appcelerator Titanium
Unity 3D
Alpha Anywhere
Cross platform apps have a one major disadvantage, that it has to be used with tool for translation and published for both android and iOS. While there’s not always a dark side for everything, Cross platform apps also saves your time and cost because you don’t have to make two different apps for two platforms.

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Best Mobile App Technology

by Joneonau In reply to Need to Know About the Be ...

However, the significant platforms are android, iOS, Cross-platform and web platform and beneath are very much utilized as a part of past years.


You can use Xcode and Swift
Apple Developer

You can use Android Studio and Java
Android Developers

You can use Xamarin
Mobile App Development & App Creation Software
Cross Platform:

React Native
There are a number of Mobile app development tools that can create and develop apps without breaking the bank.

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Best 5 Tools For Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

by prateek1555484611 In reply to Need to Know About the Be ...

In case looking for the tools to create an app for both iOS and Android, these are the best 5 tools available:
1. Apache Cordova
2. Adobe PhoneGap
3. Ionic Framework
4. Xamarin
5. React Native


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Auto tune apps

by pandeysaurabh335 In reply to Need to Know About the Be ...

From my perspective auto tune apps are an amazing technology. It is perfect for bathroom singers. The algos running behind autotune singing are quite simple making it more beautiful to appreciate. Auto tune singing adjusts the voice of a person with proper background karaoke. Apps like AutoRap and Star Maker are ruling the industry. You can know their working and some of the best autotune apps (link removed by moderator) .

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Need to Know About the Best Mobile App Technology.

by enkodetechnologies In reply to Need to Know About the Be ...

If you are interested to know about the best mobile app technology. Then i can provide you some useful technology that is Enkode Technology. The choice is yours whether you need to manufacture an application for only one platform due to a limited budget.(link removed by moderator)

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Top Cross-Platform Application Building Platforms

by kleiotech In reply to Need to Know About the Be ...

These days’ mobile applications are no longer used by the specific group in society. Rather these applications have rooted themselves deeply in the lives of most of the people. The world is never constant and so is the world of application. With each passing day, some of the other new technology or the tool is introduced to make the overall experience of application designing much easier and effective.
Here are some of the most popular tools which can help in building cross-platform mobile applications.
1. Xamarin
2. React Native
3. NativeScript
4. Ionic Framework
5. Cordova

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New technologies for rapidly developing mobile app

by Pranavi Reddy In reply to Need to Know About the Be ...

There are multiple mobile app technologies that are widely used for specific platforms or cross-platform applications development. The four main programming languages ​​most used for mobile app development -

1. Swift
If you are building something special for Apple products, Swift is the preferred language. It has advanced features with minimal coding that can be easily handled.

2. C ++
This creates a simple base for most programming languages ​​and has the power to create dynamic applications. A simple and efficient compiler-based approach makes it a versatile tool for multiple platforms. Its sister language, Objective-C, was previously used for app development on the Apple system

3. Java
This object-oriented programming language is the official language for Android development. This language is easy to manage and many open source libraries are available for users to choose from.

4. HTML5
If your company is looking to develop web-frontend applications for mobile devices, there is no better technology than HTML5.
Fingent skill in professional mobile development benefits various industry clients to increase their customer experience.
5. Php
A simple language to learn, PHP uses object-oriented and dynamic mobile applications and a three-layered model to help create web applications. This works great for applications that require database integration.
Some of the mobile application development frameworks that promise to become a major tool for developers in 2019 are: -
1. Flutter
Flutter is the newest trending cross-platform mobile application development technology in town. It uses DART as a programming language instead of JavaScript, which facilitates fast and efficient analysis, enables UIs, highlights, and resolves bugs in milliseconds. Open Source Cross-Platform SDK by Google extends a wide range of plugins with Google support, and allows Android and Apple iOS platforms to create a mobile app.

2. Respond locally
This JavaScript open-source framework has become the preferred mobile app development technology. It provides sufficient support for IDEs and other mobile app development tools and allows native applications development for iOS and Android platforms.

3. Ionic
Ionic uses the HTML5 programming language and is widely preferred for mobile app development. It combines HTML, CSS3 and Javascript to create native based applications and make their UI functionalities easy. This mobile app development technology works on iOS's UIWebView or Android's .

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Best Mobile App Technology

by fugenx36 In reply to Need to Know About the Be ...

There are multiple mobile application technologies that are widely used for a specific platform or cross-platform application development. The four main programming languages most used for mobile app development.

1. Swift

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