Need to move the last person over to domain who doesnt want to move..

By rich.ball ·

Im sure some of you have had this before, there is 1 user who just doesnt want to move from onto my domain so its time i played his setup is basic i have a w2003 which is used as the DNS server and a adsl router as default gateway so if you dont resolve with the DNS you cant get on the my question is..can i just tell DNS to query and allow only domain members to get DNS as without that he wont be able to access the internet...if i cant is there any other way to block it..

thanks in advance

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by retro77 In reply to Need to move the last per ...

If your implimenting something. The user doesn't get a choice of what domain he is on. you go in, after hours and move him over!

Do you have a manager above you that has your back if this blows up?

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Yeah, what Retro said

by Churdoo In reply to Need to move the last per ...

What do you mean doesn't want to move to AD? Since when is compliance optional?

If you want to try your passive-aggressive approach to "persuade" him that compliance is a good idea, I suppose you could use DHCP to reserve his computer a specific IP, for which you could block traffic at the router.

Actually this sounds like fun. Don't mess with IT!

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Love it

by retro77 In reply to Yeah, what Retro said

I love messing with people. Reset his password every couple of hours so he locks himself out. Also clear his cookies several times a day so he has to keep retyping passwords to websites. Edit his host file to point to for most of the websites he goes to...or point it to a porn site...hehehe...start deleting files from his Windows folder, one by one until his system crashes. Change his screensaver timeout to 1 minute, requiring a password....

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by scott_heath In reply to Love it

I love the host file trick, you can make people CRAZY with that one!

You can use a really easy vbscript that runs on a timer and reset his password to random gibberish every couple of minutes! Muahahaha.

Or you could just talk to his boss, which is what I would do. Explain that his attitude is costing money. Run it up the chain. Messing with a user is fun, but not really productive.

These things are good co-worker tricks though.

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RE: Productive

by retro77 In reply to Sweeeeet!

It is very productive....towards their self destruction.

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