need to open a port

By ak139 ·
i need to open 8484 port for primavera, i have three servers here, 1 for domain 2nd for isa n 3rd one for primavera... isa n primavera is under in doamian server... domain n primvras server gtin intrnt connction thru isa...i open this port in pramavera server n isa also n i tried to open the primavera web aplication for admin config,but i get an error msg lik the page cannt be desplayed... how i can solve this problm..plz help me.... then the os r in domain:windows 2008 server LM enterpris edition,
isa: windows 2003 server
primavera: windows 2008 server

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Consider where you are opening the port.

by seanferd In reply to need to open a port

To what must Primavera have access? If it is an internet connection, make sure anything between the server on which Primavera is installed and your internet-facing hardware has this port open. For example, your router should have port 8484 open to Primavera for whatever protocols it uses.

"Page cannot be displayed" does not necessarily indicate a problem with a port being closed, although it is one possibility. Your ISA logs should say why the page couldn't be displayed, unless it is a problem on the workstation you were using.

So, if it is local ports only, perhaps the workstation needs to have that port open.

Could you provide a link to the Primavera vendor's site? -- Never mind, i see that Oracle owns this now.

Could you at least point to the documentation for your exact product?
You may just find all the information you need at the support pages for your product, too. But let us know which one if you still need assistance.

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