Need to re-authenticate vista

By nypd88knight ·
Laptop stopped working and had a new motherboard installed by Staple where I had purchased it. Now after almost 30 days, Vista is saying authentivation is invalid, and asks for key. I follow promts and type in the key which is on lable under laptop, but it still says invalid key. HELP! please.

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I've no experience with Vista but...

by Ron K. In reply to Need to re-authenticate v ...

I have had to reauthenticate Windows due to hardware changes. On XPs activation screen there's an option to activate by phone and a toll free number to Microsoft. I've always been able to call, follow the voice instructions until activation fails then explain the situation to a live person.

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I agree ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I've no experience with V ...

Done that a couple of times.

No problems when I explained the situation.

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I'm glad...

by jfuller05 In reply to I agree ...

that option still exists! There are honest times when a person can't authenticate their OS and it's good that we can still talk to live reps and explain situations.

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THANKS, it worked

by nypd88knight In reply to I've no experience with V ...

Took a bit of time, but if that's what it takes, you do it. Again, thanks, it worked, I'm up and running again.

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