Need to re-build XP OS on a Win2000 computer

By ronjewell ·
I have a Win2000 dual processor system that has been overrun with malware. I want to wipe it clean and reinstall the OS. But I'd like to move to XP. Are there any specific gotchas to watch for? What is the general procedure?

I guess I would format the drives, and then... what? ...insert the XP OS disk and follow instructions? What about setting up the disk partitions and such?

Thanks for any advice...


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Check out Brien Posey's Apr'08 TR post

by nepenthe0 In reply to Need to re-build XP OS on ...
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A few considerations

by nepenthe0 In reply to Need to re-build XP OS on ...

The better computers of 2000-2001 vintage typically had 60GB HD, 128MB RAM, and a 1.2GHz Pentium-3 processor. These motherboards supported a maximum of 512MB RAM (512MB is a minimum amount of RAM if you want to get decent performance out of Windows XP).

Although it could be done, I don't recommend it. First of all, you're going to pay $299 for a stand-alone version of XP Pro, which you can purchase only until 30 June'08.

After 8 years, your hardware is obsolete. Current machines run dual core processors with clock speeds of 3.2GHz, 2GB of RAM, 500GB hard drives with 16MB built-in cache. XP Pro runs very well on these machines.

For about 12 months, you can still get a new PC with XP Professional pre-installed. But Microsoft has just released the last service pack for XP (SP3), and plans no further support for this fundamentally robust operating system.

So a reasonable question at this point is:

1) Do you buy a new machine with XP Pro?
2) Do you buy a new machine with Vista?

I suspect you can snap up a great new machine running XP Pro at fire sale prices right now, and that would be my own preference. By the time you upgrade that old beast running Win2000, you will have spent almost as much money, and have far less performance than conferred by a new machine.

Rick/Portland, OR

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If this unit is overrun with malware

by OH Smeg In reply to Need to re-build XP OS on ...

You need to Wipe the drive/s with a wiping utility like Boot & Nuke

If you format it will only write to every Third Sector of the Drive leaving two thirds of the drive untouched so some problems could reoccur.

As for the remaining major item you need to open the Device Manager and make a list of what Hardware is actually present in this computer and then download XP Drivers for it, if you do not already have the XP Drivers on file.

Despite what some others may say here I use a Dual Processor Pentium 3 with 550 P3's on board and a Gig of RAM and a separate Video Card and it is still faster than a new Dual Core Setup. Maybe because it is a better M'Board originally that was designed better back then but as for performance It can not be beat for general Work. Of course if you want to use this to play games a new unit would be better.

However it all depends on the Original Hardware to start off with I have seen some P4 that run so slowly they are terrible and they had a poor designed M'Board. The Slot 1 Gigabyte and latter Dual Processor Tyan M'Board are excellent units that can not yet be beaten on Performance. But being a Server Board with built in SCSI and so on they are not a common M'Board to run across today as they where never a Big Seller originally.


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