Need to retreive a deleted convo from June 7 or 8, 2012 from Facebook

By Patricia Platz Rolfe ·
My daughter, Christine Simmons and me (Patricia Platz Rolfe) had a convo on Facebook on June 7 or 8, 2012 which has ignited a firestorm at her employer. She starts by just thinking about how her life has changed in three years (she did NOT mention her employer in the message, nor is it on her wall) But it seems they are all up in arms about some sort of clause in the employee handbook that makes it a fireable offense to "degrade" your employer. She deleted the message from her iPhone and it is not retreivable. I see on Facebook that once a message has been deleted (unless its archived ) it is permanently gone. But further research shows that is NOT really the case.
Since this is a situation where she may actually be FIRED for a misconstrued musing, I beg of you to make it possible for us to have a copy of that convo by whatever means possible. If there is a charge for retreiving the convo, we would be glad to pay it. PLEASE please her job may depend on her being able to prove what she actually said, not what the gossip is. This is an awful situation.
Please help her (or me) get a transcript of this series of postings. We know now it should have been in a private message but its too late to change that now.
I apologize for having to make this request but my daughter's livelihood is on the line!

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And, pray tell, how would Tech Republic be able to do this?

Your request SHOULD be to Facebook, not Tech Republic. Facebook conversations
are not archived, recorded nor stored here.

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You need to ask Facebook the question, not us

by robo_dev In reply to Need to retreive a delete ...

When you say 'convo' do you mean wall posts or messages?

Overall, there is no possible way for anybody but Facebook to get any archival data from their servers.

You can, in some cases recover Facebook messages you deleted

With respect to wall posts:

If someone writes on your Wall, it will email you to notify you of this, if you have the option enabled. It shows you what they wrote, right in the email. However, if you don't have the email, and the wall post has been deleted, you can't recover it. Maybe try to contact the Facebook support, and they might be able to do so, but they probably can't.

If it was an email message on her iPhone, then the deleted email is in the Trash folder.

If it was a message in the Facebook iPhone app, that information exists only on the Facebook servers.

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