Need to Search the Source of An E-Mail Because I Think It Is A Stalker

By charangoa ·
Long story short, I married a crazy woman and luckily realized it early on. Since leaving her over six years ago I realized that she was attempting to hack into my gmail account. In spite of court ordered order of protection I have received numerous e-mails from an account from someone claiming to have met me at an event and we exchanged business cards. I suspect that this person is in fact my ex using a stealth gmail address. I am unable to trace the IP address (I know her IP address by the way) because I think she has blocked it in some way but have read that the source can still be traced. If I provide the e-mail header can someone help me. This is really serious and urgent as I fear that after all these years I am still being harassed.

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If you can see the originating IP Address,

just copy and paste the IP address into your favorite search engine query,
or if you have a "whois" client, copy and paste into that.

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Reponse To Answer

by charangoa In reply to Try

I have tried IP search websites and when I plug in the IP address nothing comes up. I have the perpetrators IP address so I am looking to cross reference any suspicious email IP addresses with hers. Please help....

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Hate to tell you this

by Charles Bundy In reply to Need to Search the Source ...

But you won't pin that down as it is a private non-routable reserved IP address. E.G. internal only, not recognized externally.

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Reponse To Answer

by robo_dev In reply to Hate to tell you this

to clarify, that 10. address is most likely just an internal Gmail server address.

Why not just put their email address in your spam filter and ignore them?

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Charles is correct...

by Rob Kuhn In reply to Need to Search the Source ...

Are the e-mails coming from Gmail? If it is good luck in trying to get their cooperation on your own unless you are a lawyer/legal firm.

FWIW, this is Google's Legal Disclosure Policy:

I would still hang onto the e-mails you get and monitor the source IP to see if it changes. You might luck out and find that this person makes a mistake and sends it from a public source in which case you may be able to nail the person down. :)

HTH and best of luck!

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"In spite of court ordered order of protection..."

by a.portman In reply to Need to Search the Source ...

If you have a valid OOP, contact your attorney and law enforcement. Hand over printouts including the full headers. I just pulled up the header from a gmail email. The from is a gmail server. The 10. address is not going to tell you anything. You would need a subpena to get the IP of the sending computer, hence, law enforcement time.

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Just ignore the emails

by ejobrien In reply to Need to Search the Source ...

It really shouldn't be necessary for you find out the whereabouts of this person.

Just make sure you use a secure password for your gmail and you'll be fine.

If this person is actually doing something illegal, then contact your local law enforcement service.

Even if you were able to find this person, what then?

In all seriousness your request sounds extremely suspicious. One might wonder who in fact is the stalker in this situation.

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Reponse To Answer

by Rob Kuhn In reply to Just ignore the emails

If he can locate the person it makes it easier to take legal action against him/her.

Personally, I'd probably write an e-mail filte/rule that just moved the e-mails from my inbox or even just delete or block them. :)

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