Need to track how many times a video loop runs

By infiri ·
I need to find a way to record a log file that keeps track of how many times a video loop runs. I've tried searching for a plugin for Winamp and WMP but haven't found something that will allowme to do this. I also tried mplayer which is open source but haven't been able to find a command that would allow me to do this. Does anyone know of a way I could do this? Maybe some software that has this feature? Any advice would be greatly appreciated...

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by shasca In reply to Need to track how many ti ...

How long does the video take to run (x). how long has it been running (Y).

Y divide by x = number of loops

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Yes but....

by infiri In reply to time

... how do I put that into a file. The video loops will be runing in 700 diferent locations and I need to find a way to confirm the loops are running like they are supposed to. If I could find a way to create a log file with this information, I could then create an FTP task that will bring this data on a regular basis.

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event viewer

by shasca In reply to Yes but....

Any failures should show up in the event viewer. It also would show how long a service is running.

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Well - unless the LOOP breaks ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Yes but....

It is a fair assumption that it is still running.

Surely the absence of support phonecalls (complaining about the video feed having stopped) is sufficient confirmation that your 700 locations are still being served as required.

Just how many times per hour were you planning on checking this ?

What else do you do during the working day ?

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Lets get crazy

by Slayer_ In reply to Well - unless the LOOP br ...

Creat an app in any language of your preference, import WMP into it, if you do this in VB it will be epicly easy.

Put a timer on the form if your doing this in VB, otherwise, thread this.
Have it ask the player API if its done yet, if so, replay, if not, carry on.
If for w/e reason it were to stop, yoru app could tell it to get going again, and if it cant, your app can report back to you with an email or something.

You could build such an app in about a half hours time.

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I need proof

by infiri In reply to Well - unless the LOOP br ...

The issue is not so much the support. I expect the users to notify us when they notice something is not right. The loops will be running advertisments from some of our partners and for us to be able to charge them for their advertising we need to show them prove that their advertisement loops are runing at least this many times a day.

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