Need to transfer the PIX 501 config to a PIX 515...

By rmacys ·
So I have a PIX 501 that is questionable as far as reliability. I have been sucessfully able to backup the config to a text file on a tftp server. But when I go to restore the config to a newer 515 it seems that it doesnt see that backup as a PIX image file.

Does anyone know if this is even possible? I would imagine that it would work but have been successful at it. Im just looking to move this config to the other pix. I tried copy tftp flash and filled in all appropriate info but it errors out on copy.

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by retro77 In reply to Need to transfer the PIX ...

I wouldnt copy the image file, I would just run the commands [config], line by line into the 515.

I think there is information in the config files as to what model/platform it came from.

what I typically have done in the past is copy the config from my terminal window, into a test file. Just hightlight, copy and paste.

I know in routers I could just paste the config right into a new router and it was configured, I dont remember if I could do that on the PIX.

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Thats what I ended up doing

by rmacys In reply to Config

Yeah, I ended up just doing that and It seems to match the other config now. Im going to test here in a few mins to see if it worked or not. It has 6 tunnels so I may need to tweak a bit before it works though. Thanks for the help


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Your Welcome

by retro77 In reply to Thats what I ended up doi ...

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