need to upgrade my processor for a Dell Dimension 2400

By elquesifilma ·
The specs of my computer are

Type : Intel Celeron 2400 MHz
Package : mPGA-478
Manufacturer Codename : Northwood
Clock Speed : 2392 MHz
Clock Multiplier : 24.0
Front Side Bus (FSB) Speed : 400 MHz
L2 Cache Size : 128 KBytes Stepping : D1
Trace Width : 0.13
Microcode : 21h
Instruction Sets : MMX, SSE, SSE2

Manufacturer : Dell Computer Corp.
Model : 0K5148 Rev. A01
CPU Slot/Socket Type : mPGA-478
Chipset Vendor : Intel i845G Rev. A1
Bios Manufacturer : Dell Computer Corporation
Bios Version : A05

I also have 1512 in Ram. I want to make my computer Vista Compatible, and it seems i need a better processor, and also i want a faster computer so this works out.

I want the best processor for this motherboard, can you please give me info in which processor works best for me?

I found in
Intel Pentium 4 2.8 Northwood 2.8GHz Socket 478 Processor Model RK80532PE072512 - OEM
Intel Pentium 4 2.4B Northwood 2.4GHz Socket 478 Processor Model RK80532PE056512 - OEM

do you think this 2 processors, will work on my motherboard? or do you suggest a different processor. Also will i experience more performance?

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the two options i have are FSB: 533MHz.

by elquesifilma In reply to need to upgrade my proces ...

mine currently is FSB 400MHz..
so that is something i am not sure about

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OK the only potential problem here is the M'Board

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to need to upgrade my proces ...

But you should be able to replace any Celeron 478 with a Pentium 478 without a problem. I would be looking at the faster of the 2 and if you want to look up the technical Specs they can be found here

As for making the system Vista compatible that's an entirely different story but as the world and M$ needs Paying Beta Testers you are welcome to try. Just remember to report any problems to M$ so that they can fix their faulty code in further Patches or Services Packs that they release for this version of Windows.


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This Link My Help you In deciding which processor to get

by kgpctech In reply to need to upgrade my proces ...
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Mmm - after 16 months he'll be glad you posted ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to This Link My Help you In ...

If he hasn't already bought a complete new computer in the last year, that is.

<Time flies>

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I'm glad he posted!

by Barm-cake In reply to Mmm - after 16 months h ...

The questions posted here are often shared by many searchers. The answers can be useful long after the original hardware is obsolete (As in my case! :0)

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