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Need two Exchange accounts for remotes

By jonhunt2 ·
Hello all:

I have a client who uses tablet PCs at various construction job sites. They have various documents and contacts that they synchronize among themselves (using ShareOutlook - a third party synch program). Their POP3 Internet accounts were very slow at synchronizing, so we set up an Exchange server on their Windows 2003 Small Bus. Server. Now synchronization is lightning fast in the office, but ShareOutlook keeps having problems running on Exchange.

We are considering dropping ShareOutlook and setting each user up to access two email accounts - a shared account where the shared contacts and docs are stored, and their personal email account. The problem is, we need local copies so they can access their email and docs while offline. Cached Exchange mode in Office 2003 works great to keep one account copy on the local drive, but if you access two accounts, the second account is for on-line use only. Prob not solved.

We also thought about setting up a POP3 or IMAP account in addition to the Exchange account to get the local copy. The problem here is that we are using NAT inside the office. When we set up to use, the name gets resolved to our little Actiontec router with port forwarding, but from inside the office, the packets do not find their way back to our email server. (This works fine from outside the office.) We need a solution that will work while connected inside the office, outside the office at home, and while disconnected on the job site.

Sorry for the long explanation... So, if we could get multiple exchange accounts to store on the local PCs - or if we could find a router (not too expensive) that would forward internal packets directed to the gateway back to the internal network, I think we would have our problem solved. Any ideas??? Thanks very much.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Need two Exchange account ...

In Active Directory with Exchange 2003 implemented, it is the user object itself which is mail-enabled. They can only use the send on behalf of or send as feature.

Why not setup an intra-net sight that the user's can access or set up RPC over HTTP and allow them to access public folders to resolve the issue. Or you could set up OWA.

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by jonhunt2 In reply to

Thanks. We could - but if it doesn't store the messages Locally, then when they're in the field, they don't have the docs they need. That's the problem - we need it stored locally. Looks like we'll use Public folders and store those locally. A little cumbersome, but it seems to work.


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by jonhunt2 In reply to Need two Exchange account ...

Thanks. We are currently using RPC over HTTP and we have cached exchange mode to store the content locally. But we are still limited to only one user with Exchange. If we add a second email, that works fine in the office, but it's not cached. So they lose access to the common docs (or their personal email) when they leave the office and go out on the job sites.

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by jonhunt2 In reply to Need two Exchange account ...

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