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need unbiased advice

By daisy age ·
I work for a small company that has hired a programmer (asp) about whom I have concerns

In your opinion, one a scale of 1-10, what programming skill level would be required to know the following:

1. How use a path to an include file (using anexisting example from a file on the same level of the site)
2. How to recognize an include file and find it's location
3. Whether html can be used to back-end a form
4. How to back-end a simple text-input form (using an existing example)


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unbiased advice..

by zgp0 In reply to need unbiased advice

This is problaby as simple as it gets... maybe a 1!


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You're kidding, right?

by lucho_con_cerveza In reply to unbiased advice..

No matter what language or application, these are very basic concepts to know (except the HTML specific ones).

If this is an experienced programmer, the HTML questions may require a 2 minute query on the net, but experience should make this easy.

However, since you mention pathing and include files, and if this is a problem for your programmer, then perhaps you have reason for concern.

Languages and applications have become so complicated that it is more important that a programmer have good research abilities, and be able to apply what is found. But, if the person professed skill in a certain area, then they should be able to demonstrate this skill.

In today's market, if the proper interview and credential and reference checkswere done, you shouldn't be asking this question.

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