Need URGENT Help

By rmda ·
Please help any VB 2008 / 3.5 guru

I used dropdown list box SQL Server , list view, Pager ? its working fine see the link below

The problem I?m facing is See the program ?. For Example

If the I am selecting the Sura No 6. And press SHOW button , It will jump to the page No : 177 as the Database and program as I did

The same way if I choose Sura No 18. And press SHOW button , It will jump to the page No : 408 as the Database and program as I did .

But if I pressed Next/Last button in the pager its working ?.but after that if select and Drop down list as mentioned on the same way it will not show right page.
It requires the ?First? PAGE button of PAGER button to be pressed once then only it will be shown properly

How to rectify this? I think we need to reset the Pager every time when we click the Dropdown list? Could anyone guide me?

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A couple of Thoughts

by BFilmFan In reply to Need URGENT Help

First, most of the technical people here won't know that Sura means a particular chapter of the Quaran. Also, most of the technical engineers here can't read Arabic, so they aren't going to be able to tell if the page changed or not. Your non-Arabic pages do not appear to be functioning, so there are more issues than simply bad SQL queries at play here.

I'd recommend you contact the web admins of Al Tafsir and see what they can recommend as they can read Arabic and just happen to be something of experts at tafsir.

Best of luck with your project.

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