Need Utility to search for Modified Files or Folders

By qb4006 ·

I am looking for a utility that will allow me to search a hard drive for files and folders modified after a certain date. If anyone can help with that it would be appreciated. I am running XP and Server 2003

Thanks a lot

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You could use xcopy

by TonytheTiger In reply to Need Utility to search fo ...

Xcopy C: z:(some other valid drive) /d:(date)/s /e /l(the /l means show what WOULD be copied) >c:\found.txt

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you can use systracer

by 5t3v3n In reply to Need Utility to search fo ...


check this:

it also records registry changes

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by qb4006 In reply to you can use systracer

Thanks for the feedback

Systracer seems good but is there a way to sort the list after you get the snap shot in the demo version. I have about 300GB of data and its pretty tough to look thru a snap shot to find files of a certain date unless you can sort them

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