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    need VPN to connect to work


    by wilhelm ·

    I need a vpn client to connect to work. At work they are using vpnclient from Cisco but they only use windows. I have redhat 9.
    I have tried installing vpnclient-linux and openswan but had errors during installation. I want a simple vpn client that will support a ipsec/ucp connection. Where can I find one simple to install at no or low cost?

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      Cisco VPN Client for Linux

      by network ken ·

      In reply to need VPN to connect to work

      You need a Cisco on-line account so maybe your IT people would have to download it for you, but Cisco has a Linux version of its VPN client. I use it. One of our vendors uses it. It works great. You will need to open your firewall on the Linux box to allow IKE protocol. I think that is udp/tcp port 500. And you may need to open udp/tcp 10000 if transparent tunneling is needed for your setup. The vpn software is difficult to find on Cisco’s site. Everything is. So don’t get upset if your IT people can’t find it, but it should be in the same area as the latest Windows vpn client.

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      Cisco SSL Client

      by mbenitez ·

      In reply to need VPN to connect to work

      Ask the Admins at your place of employment if you can use the cisco SSL client.

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