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need Win98 Drivers for ativa flash drive

By jerry~Beans&Bytes ·
hey, i picked up a cheap flash drive at Office Depot (my boss swiped my Memorex). i need drivers for Win98SE. the unit HAS worked this way before.

the drive is labeled "ativa", capacity is 1 Gig.

it works fine, except with the ancient Thinkpad that i use for a surfboard out here, running Windows 98 SE.

I was using it successfully, but after i did an FFR as part of my normal maint., i lost the drivers, and can't get it Win98 to recognize it, far less find drivers for it.

Office Depot is no help (surprise).
I have a full backup of my HDD prior to the format, but randomly testing drivers to find one that works is just not my cup of tea.

while i would prefer to load in a fresh set of drivers to make the d*** thing work again, i would accept a driver list to pull off my backup.

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by NZ_Justice In reply to need Win98 Drivers for at ...

go here and search for the driver to download
www.ativa.com or try www.driversguide.com else you have to build http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USB_mass_storage_device_class

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by lamczyknic3000 In reply to need Win98 Drivers for at ...

go to activa.com and search for the product in order to find the right driver

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by idowindows In reply to need Win98 Drivers for at ...

From what I understand, some people have got away with installing drivers for an ativa buy using the drivers for a memorex traveldrive.

Give that a try - maybe you'll get lucky.

Keep us posted.

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(Re)Tried this, no luck

by jerry~Beans&Bytes In reply to

i tried this again, because i do still have the original s/u disk for the "M-Flyer TravelDrive" that my boss swiped, and that utility was present on the W98 system when i originally got the ativa to work.

just a thought, since i don't know much about how this level of the system operates; would it help for me to get the actual M-Flyer back and go through the Add Hardware process with it, and then try the ativa?

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Win98SE Drviers for Ativa Drives

by rfiore In reply to need Win98 Drivers for at ...

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