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Need Wireless Recomendation

By tataa ·
I have been given the task of implementing a wireless network that will link up five locations with the maximum distance between the farthest location from the base station about 13 kilometers apart. What wireless solution do I need to obtain that will meet this criteria. I am limited to 2.4GHz freq.


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by jj2000 In reply to Need Wireless Recomendati ...

It's all in the antenna...
The actual distance you're going to get will depend on the topology of the land and obstacles, etc.

Most likely what you're looking for is something like this 2.4 Yagi Antenna below. We sell the HP Procurve networking line, so this is something you would use with their 530AP for example. Most AP manufacturers have something similar and there are a TON of antenna manufacturers that can offer countless solutions.


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You will need line of site to each of the locations. You can set it up in t

by ripper_2 In reply to Need Wireless Recomendati ...

You will need line of site to each of the locations. You can set it up in two ways; one access point that the other sites will link to or separate point to point connections. I work for a small company that provides wireless high speed internet and networking services, we use antennas that are made by Tranzeo. They make a flat panel antenna/radio that is powered over Ethernet that can be set up in a bridge or router configuration. I?m not sure why you say that you are limited to 2.4, I would recommend 5.8 if you don?t have any obstacle problems. Distance won?t be a problem, we have clients at 20 miles.

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advice for tata_auwal on wireless matter

by ben_centeno In reply to Need Wireless Recomendati ...

start with your given info that limited with 2.4GHz frequency.

well, no problem. you have 5 nodes that need to communicate with each other with the farthest distance is 13KM.

for your base station unit you need the ff:
1. Wi-Fi device 802.11b/g compliant
2. 1 watt booster outdoor type
3. RF cable (any as long as low loss cable) of 1.5 meter make sure that appropriate connectors is supplied this will depend on the Wi-Fi device supplied connector.
4. 12-15 dBi Omni directional antenna with appropriate height, if possible 60ft. height.

then for you sub-base station, get the ff:
1. for the 13KM. distance get a Wi-Fi device of 200mW output rated 802.11g with built-in 12-18 dBi flat panel antenna of any brand if possible of the same brand with the main base station unit.
2. for the 2-8KM. you can have 100mW output rated 802.11g with built-in 12dBi flat panel antenna.

for your application use the Access Point (AP) Infrastructure then you have all your 5 network link and able to talk with each other.

then with the supplied software or a web base software you can do the QoS, bandwidth limiter and other features as given by the manufacturer.

enjoy the networking challenge. anything that is not clear you can email me... feel free.

Ben Centeno

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