Need Wireless Repeater?

By dhart131 ·
Our local library has a dead zone in its wireless network because of books, shelves and floursent lighting. I want to mount a repeater with direct line of site to the router to fix the problem. It is not a range issue because the signal is available twice as far in other directions. Tried moving the router, but all that did was change the location of the dead zone. Thought about mounting it up high above the book shelves. I wasn't sure it would work and would require a new network drop to be installed. Library director didn't want to install drop and still have same problems. The libray has a D-Link DIR-655 wireless N router. D-Link says they do not have a repeater for this model. The library is running Win XP Pro 32-bit OS. Which repeaters from another manufacturer would be a good match?

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I have used Netgear Wnr 3500 routers

by markp24 In reply to Need Wireless Repeater?


i have done similar with netgear 3500 routers, 3 or them, one set as the primary and 2 set a repeaters. Linksys(cisco) are alwso very good. I am not familiar with Dlink but from what it sounds like, you may be safer buying a netgear or linksys that has compatible repeaters.

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by dhart131 In reply to Need Wireless Repeater?

Library has tight budget starting over not an option. WI FI will get scrubbed if costs are to high. D-Link is just as big as Netgear something out there has to be compatible.

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There is an external antenna option for that model

by robo_dev In reply to Need Wireless Repeater?

That would be low-cost solution to try.

On eBay I'm sure you could scrounge some good used Cisco gear for a reasonable cost. Cisco stuff allows you to operate an AP as a bridge, a repeater, or a bridge with local clients.

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Thank you I think I found my answer!

by dhart131 In reply to Need Wireless Repeater?

ConnectGear has a wireless N acess point/repeater with Universal repeater function, Model - WA660N.

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Reponse To Answer

by markp24 In reply to Thank you I think I found ...
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Reponse To Answer

by dhart131 In reply to Thank you I think I found ...

I also asked a support technician from for an opinion on this subject. He got back to me and offered to test the performance of ConnectGear WA660N repeater with a D-Link DIR-655 router. He will give me results next week. This is my first time working with CyberGuys but i'm impressed.

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Hawkings gear might help

by itsupport In reply to Need Wireless Repeater?

I have worker with Hawkings equipment in the past for repeaters and amplifiers with great results, mixing with Lynksys, Netgear and D-link. If I have to do it all over again, I would choose Cisco equipment, not the new stuff retailers have, but the Cisco equipment you see in offices, Hospitals, etc, even you pay a little more but you get so much better performance and less headaches. Hawkings saved the day, they have different lines of products, I tested 2 of them and the less expensive one resulted much better, I believe I was a $149 for an extender. The house was about 20-25k feet, huge house with 3 levels.

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Another Source

by TheChas In reply to Need Wireless Repeater?

I have purchased from Cyberguys in the past, but find their prices to be on the high side.

For any type of repeater, check out

Order fulfillment and support are prompt.


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found somthing very usefull

by markp24 In reply to Need Wireless Repeater?

I ran across these papers for extending the fios wireless networks. So I would like to try and help you guys get thiose wireless networks working.

thought that may be usefull to you

key points:

??? First Router
o DHCP to use the range
o A wireless channel like 11
??? Second Router
o DHCP is disabled
o Identical wireless security setup as First Router
??? Except the wireless Channel. Try channel 6 if the first is 11.
o Plug hard-wire into the LAN port, not the WAN port.

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