need with these question

By dsaund06 ·
Use the internet to check these sites;, and kinds of optical drives do these companies offer with their new computers? Do any of the companies offer multiple optical drives? If so, which ones and what devices? What upgrades for optical drives do the companies offer and how expensive are the upgrades? If you were buying a new PC, which optical drives would you want on your computer? Why

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Request for Clarification

by PurpleSkys In reply to Clarifications

is this homework?

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Reads like a homework assignment to me

by TheChas In reply to need with these question

This sure reads like a homework assignment.

A poorly worded assignment at that. The possible total of all the work could potentially require looking at multiple models on each web site.

However, one should be able to narrow the research. Most options are going to be common across a class of computers. Broad classes such as laptop and desktop are easy. However, I know that Dell has different options for the consumer, business and work-station class computers.

Recommend that you start looking over the different models on each site and tally up a list of the options.

The most expensive option will be a Blue-Ray RW drive. The why requires justification of the extra cost versus the additional functionality.

Now, start researching!


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