Need Word Perfect to Help Convert Documents

By jgreer ·

I am having a lot of trouble trying to find anyone who understands Word Perfect well enough. I have a bunch of files that need converted from Word Perfect to MS Word and am looking to pay about $15 per hour for the task.

If anyone does this type of work or knows of someone, please let me know.


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by CharlieSpencer In reply to Need Word Perfect to Help ...

Try the free suite. It's word processing application, called Writer, should be able to open the WP files, and it can be set to save as a Word .DOC file as the default. It should just be a matter of open, save, repeat.

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by Kenone In reply to Suggestion.

Open Office can do it, pretty good for free huh?

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Word can do that

by AV . In reply to Need Word Perfect to Help ...

If you open the Wordperfect docs in Word, they should automatically convert. If they don't, you may not have the Wordperfect converter installed in Word. Its available for download from the Microsoft website.

Most documents convert very well, but if you have alot of formatting they won't be perfect and you'll have to fix them.


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If you are unable to open the WP Documents in Word

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Need Word Perfect to Help ...

You need the Converter Patch available for Download from M$ here

Just install this patch and Word will open the documents and convert as required. As said above if there is a lot of Fields in the formating of the WP Document Word will not do a perfect job at converting to the Doc or DocX format but it will convert the majority of the document so that you can repair any problems.

Failing that if you still have Word Perfect installed you can open each document in WP and save it as a Word Document.

If you no longer are using Word Perfect and do not have it installed you can download the Trial Version of WP Office X5 from Corel here and install it then use it to convert to the Doc Format. Though you'll need to register to get the trial version of the current version of WP Office.

Probably a better idea is to just continue using Coral's Word Perfect Office as it has better features and is easier to use than M$ Office. The current version X5 will also save as PDF Files if required to make your Documents truly Portable and able to be read across all platforms. I know the people working for me ridiculed me for still using WP and now they prefer it to M$ Office and constantly complain about needing to use M$ Office when they are away from their Work systems or using a customers system and showing how to do something in Word.

Failing that you can always use Open Office 3 which is also free from here

Using any of the above will allow you to perform the conversions and you'll not need to pay anyone anything to do them if you still need to anyway.


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And, here you may have thought

by santeewelding In reply to Need Word Perfect to Help ...

San Diego a backwater, undeserving of world-class attention.

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How many documents do you have to convert?..

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Need Word Perfect to Help ...

What version of WordPerfect are you using?

I can do this for you if you do not like to do it yourself.
You can email me on here if needed.

But feel free to use the other options if needed.

More info here:**.aspx

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I used to do that a long time ago . . .

by bodonnell11 In reply to Need Word Perfect to Help ...

but I don't know if I've still got the software necessary. At $15 per hour, even at US$ rates I don't know if it's worth hunting out the software. I make about $50 per hour busking.

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Just a bit more info here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Need Word Perfect to Help ...

If you use Word to Import WP Files they tend to be read by more M$ Programs than if you use WP to convert them to Word Documents.

If you use an older version of WP something like WP12 then when you try to open a converted Document in Word you'll get a message that it was opened in an older version of Word and can not be read by this version of Word. It's much easier to just import them into Word by using the Open File Command inside Word and selecting All Files in the File type Box.


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Thank you

by jgreer In reply to Just a bit more info here

Thank you for the responses and helpful information. Looks like we are going to use a specialized conversion group. Just as an FYI - they cannot be directly converted using Word as detailed Word Perfect documents use a coding system which throws Word and basically destroys the document formatting. We have found a company to assist and most documents will have each be manually recreated.

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