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Need your help (ugly webpage and PDF)

By rstan251 ·

I am trying to put together a career training program with some free information.

I feel like I am operating in a silo here...

My wife has no idea how to help me because she is not technical and I am unsure if this report is worth a damn.

Would you mind looking at this and providing me with some feedback?

FYI - this is not a website but a landing page.

Let me know what it is missing or what you liked or didn't like. The page links to a PDF which you can see by hovering your mouse (its not dangerous!):



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Not to be suspicious of a question that directs a user to a website....

by robo_dev In reply to Need your help (ugly webp ...

But we are.....

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by ---TK--- In reply to Not to be suspicious of a ...

Im not touching that with a five foot pole... maybe on my Linux Box I would, but not a chance on a Win Box...

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It is a pdf

by rstan251 In reply to hm.....

point well taken. never considered that it might be seen as a virus....

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by dwatson8791 In reply to Not to be suspicious of a ...

One with "Download" in the link.

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by rstan251 In reply to Especially

I adjusted the post to explain that its just a pdf.

Any recommendation on how I could make this less threatening?

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by ---TK--- In reply to thanks

stick around for a year... offer an opinion or two every now and then... :)

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Not here

by Oz_Media In reply to thanks

Again, land of the paranoid.

But even if you offer a TINY URL it will be questioned as people here don't really know you, at least I don't.

Best off to explain a link to the PDF and include teh full URL with the PDF extension instead of just DOWNLOAD, that worries people who fear their save game in WOW may be lost to a virus.

You can email it to me if you want, 'ozmedia AT excite DOT com' . I am in business development and write press copy but I am not a big IT junkie so the tech stuff would have to be reviewed by a technical peer here, plenty 'O them to go around too!

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Got it.

by rstan251 In reply to Not to be suspicious of a ...

Looks like I need to rethink this approach...

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Bunch of pu$$ies.

by Oz_Media In reply to Need your help (ugly webp ...

Sorry Robert, you'll get used to the TR crowd, when you're a geek it's cool to be paranoid.

Anyway, I had a look and shortly afterwards my computer had a funny smell to it and my hard drive started uploading all of my company data to a network based in Gayana. My inbox flooded with porn mail and the RCMP is on the way to investigate my child pornography ring, so I thank you for that ayway. LOL

Actually your "website" offers little information and nothing to look at anyway.

From what I can see, you are a young guy out to build his online business but unfortunately, and I mean it in the most sincere way, you have no clue what you are doing or how to market 'nothing'.

I don't need a report on 6 figure IT jobs, they bore me. So I don't know what else you are hoping for. Perhaps you were spamming your company and hoping to pick up some rather stupid yet eager IT wannabe's (not too many around here) but trying to do it without looking like you were spamming. Perhaps you are a genuine guy who wants to start a busienss but has no idea what he's doing, valid but you are looking down the wrong road if that's your case.

So if you want to show people hwo to make 6 figures in IT, I suggest you first learn how to operate a business yourself and learn some marketing skills; as it is, nobody will be fooled into thinking you are capable of helping anyone, as it is clear you are in desperate need for business help yourself.

High paying certifications in a constantly fluctuating market? For which week and what year? Sure.

To conclude, your concept, website and marketing angles are a computing business faux pas. Back to school for you, young man.

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by santeewelding In reply to Bunch of pu$$ies.

Not what he wanted to hear, but certainly needs to hear.

I agree.

Also, Robert, "accelerate" has only one el.

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