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Needing a new mid-tower care

By Tumbleweed_Biff ·
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It has been a decade since I have built a new machine and I haven't been paying attention to PC cases since then. My current system is getting very long in the tooth so am building something new - an AMD Ryzen 7 based system. When I started looking for cases I was stunned by the fact that so many cases today simply don't have either any, or just one, external 5.25" drive bays. I find it incredible that all the new system are bring built without a DVD or Blu-ray drive, especially in the enthusiast market. So I find myself trying to find a good mid-tower with at least 3 external 5.25" bays, a transparent side panel, and with rolled edges (or at least no sharp edges.) Unfortunately I am no longer able to go out and shop myself so I need recommendations from you as to a decent mid-tower that will fill my needs. So you know I prefer to have both a DVD and Blu-ray R/W drive to make copies (but I can make do with just the Blu-ray writer), another bay for a dual drive dock (can handle both a 3.5" and a- 2.5" drive at the same time), and a front panel with additional USB ports, eSATA, memory card reader, etc. So at least 3 5.25" bay's, preferably 4. Finally,, I can no longer work so it can't be a whole lot more than $75. Recommendations?
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