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Need's advice with the next step! Help!

By mike.324 ·
I have seeking a Network Admin position, and have been looking for over 3+ Months. I have gotten an interview for a position and the hireing manager told me I was exactly what he was looking for and at the end of the interview invited me back for a second interview. He said the HR rep would be in contact with me within the day or next. I wrote a thank you letter, and a week later I have yet to hear from them. I sent an email to the IT manager(who gave the interview) as well as the HR rep. Still I have heard nothing. Should I call? I do not want to seem too eager or annoy my potential employers.

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Give the hiring manager a call

by jmgarvin In reply to Need's advice with the ne ...

Sometimes budgeting and hr are a little off on their timing.

If you are applying to a public sector job (eg public school, gov't) expect a delay as the red tape is waded though.

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First off

by jbaker In reply to Need's advice with the ne ...

You should only post messages once, not three times.

If you are contacting the company like you post on this board, you might annoy them out of wanting you as an employee.

Also, 3 MONTHS is a very short time as a job seeker.

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by amcol In reply to First off

You're coming across herein as desperate, so I can only imagine how you're coming across to your potential employer.

Calm down. Take a deep breath. This is how the hiring process works.

Do not call. If they want you they'll call you. If they don't they won't. If you call it won't change anything. Waiting sucks, I know, but there's not much you can do about it.

In the meantime keep looking. Jbaker is correct, in this market three months is nothing. Maybe this opportunity will pan out for you, or maybe you'll find something else even better while you're waiting. Stay positive. Good luck.

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by The Admiral In reply to Need's advice with the ne ...

HR is never in a hurry. Wait another week then send a letter of thanks and status.

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by cab1906 In reply to Need's advice with the ne ...

I don't think there is any such thing as being annoying when trying to find a new job. A week is not a lot of time. That HR rep is probably trying to fill multiple positions within their organization, and just hasn't gotten around to you yet. In all of your correspondence, I would reiterate my desire to join the organization. Good luck!!!

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