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Neil was right - Maxwell was wrong

By maxwell edison ·
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No, not regarding the alleged anthropogenic global warming/climate change assertion, about which Neil was (is) wrong, while Maxwell was (is) right.

Neil was right and Maxwell was wrong about...........

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by PurpleSkys In reply to Neil was right - Maxwell ...

? i suppose someone may as well ask...

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It sure feels like global warming around these parts

by AV . In reply to Neil was right - Maxwell ...

Care to share? Inquiring minds want to know. . . .


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Ditto - nt

by PurpleSkys In reply to It sure feels like global ...
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ayep, it naturally does that every day, but over how long

by Deadly Ernest In reply to It sure feels like global ...

are you wishing to compare it with. The Global Warming that has all the politicos up in arms is total BS according to the environmentalist scientists that have been studying global weather and temperatures for decades. There is recorded evidence (maritime logs etc) that the average global temperature today is still a few degrees to what it was back in 1814. There's even scientific evidence that we're still several degrees below the average global temperature of the time of Julius Caesar.

So if industrialisation has warmed the planet, then it's been slowing down the on coming ice age.


Oh, it's freeking freezing down here in Australia at the moment - my butt tells me so.

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I like the disclaimer!

by AnsuGisalas In reply to ayep, it naturally does t ...

About your butt freezing, and how it may affect your view of AGW :^0

I will say that there are some very wonky things in the pro-AGW materials.
It doesn't seem like CO2 can be said to be an actual greenhouse gas, for instance. Water vapor and clouds are actual greenhouses gases, but there is no hard established connection between CO2 and water vapor. There are assumptions and models, but it is too often neglected to report that they are something less than fact.

On the other hand, getting off oil is a good idea, so I am going to hold back critique until the world's last SUV is turned into paper clips. I mean, seriously, either buy a truck or a car, don't go for their mutant offspring, which succeeds only in combining the worst qualities of its parents. :^0

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I agree about the SUV bit, except the cars are all designed for

by Deadly Ernest In reply to I like the disclaimer!

3 foot midgets now and no one taller than that can sit upright in one, and the trucks don't have the comfort level of a car, while the SUV has both.

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No luck there...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to I agree about the SUV bit ...

SUVs really do combine the worst properties of both: They have less cabin internal space than one would imagine possible; even into a Hummer you can't fit jack, or Jack, if Jack is taller than average.
Besides, it's a long-established fact that people taller than average have to drive Morris Minis, it's just one of those things.

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don't know about hummers, we don't have them here

by Deadly Ernest In reply to No luck there...

but ALL the sedans made since the mid 1990s have the following faults:

1. if you set the seat to sit upright and you're over 5 feet tall your head is against the roof. Sitting upright is the safest and recommended way to drive.

2. When you turn to get out of the car the knees are ABOVE the hips as the suckers are built too low to the ground as the manufacturers think everyone wants to be a Fast and Furious driving star. This means back aches and strains getting out of the sucker or sitting down in it. The seat height is below the knees, about mid calf, while standing by the car.

The low ground clearance also means that you HAVE to slow down to a dying baby crawl to enter any driveway.

However, most SUVs like the 2003 Nissan X-trail I drive has the car seat and the same height as my rear when standing beside it. I've a few inches between me and the car roof while sitting in the car, and I'm not at eye level with a French poodle when sitting in the car and the dog is standing beside it.

The X-trail ground clearance is such I don't have to worry about bottoming my differential if I hit a pebble on the road, heck, I can hit a pothole of some inches depth with safety.


Ansu, I'm five foot nine inches tall and I learned to drive in a Morris Minivan from the mid 1960s, and that thing had more headroom and ground clearance than the modern sedans do.

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I am around 6'2" (in my passport)

by AnsuGisalas In reply to don't know about hummers, ...

and I don't have problems with my VW Bora (Jetta). Ground clearance is only a problem when I park facing the curb, but it can be a problem then.
I think a VW caddy is specifically made to allow a more upright seating, and there's one Suzuki (?) car that's very popular with the tall crowd. It's small, but it's spaceous.

But then, a minivan would solve all those issues (except maybe ground clearance?).

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The Suzuki Swift used to have some good headroom, I had one, but

by Deadly Ernest In reply to don't know about hummers, ...

the motor was only 1.0 ltr - a city car not for country driving and I moved from the city to the rural boondocks in Dec 2003, needed something for the roads whose only clear lines were the ones on the road maps.

I know lots of tall people, **** I got dozens of cousins 6 foot 4 inches or better - most of my generation on Dad's side are all tall - who drive sedans, but the seat is laid back at about 45 degrees and not upright, and that's the issue for me as it's got to be upright or I risk becoming a wheelchair driver with any small hit.

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