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By nirravana ·
My husband became the General manager of Arbys in N.M.I began to work for the big bosses knew I was married to him and it was fine they changed there toon as time went by.
Here where we live is a small place(Espanola N>M)well as employees came and went I was there when I was needed not for only Arbys but for my husband.Some days I worked 17 hour shifts and sometimes off the clock so I wouldnt have to much over time.4 moI started at 5.15 an hour 3 mo later I asked for a raise because I was not only running every positon but also I was to do the paper work ,decorating ect. they said they did not have to give me a raise because I was married to the gen manager so I had to stay at 5. 15 everyone else was already making 5.50 to start,I though unfair.Then they decided to fire me saying it was nepatisum for us to work together.Then they decided that I would become Gen. manager and they would fire my husband because they saw I had a huge impact on there company and the way that it had changed and how the employees really loved my.I thought these back stabbers.But my husband insisted I do it and he would stay home to build a relation ship with our kids that he did not have.I went to train in Albuquerque n.m.when we got there we (an employee and I were treated awful.The spanish people there would call the guy who was with me a miate(******)rude,and would not help I decided i could not be there any I left.But in this whole time they did not mind that I worked there till I asked for a raise...I need input because I want my job back..even if it is for 5 .15 an hr.I love my job and my employees....anyone with advice please e mail me at

thank you
Felicia Romero

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Collecting valid email addresses?

by stress junkie In reply to Nepatisim

Whenever someone wants other people to email them directly instead of replying in the discussion formum I can't help but think that this is just a way to collect valid email addresses. The horrible spelling may be deliberately used to make the post seem more "authentic".

This really has nothing to do with computers. I don't know why anyone would post this question here.

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Totally Agreed

by marketingtutor. In reply to Collecting valid email ad ...

Spammer, take a hike. What kind of *** would list themself as an IT Consultant and still be begging for their $5.15 hourly job at Arbys? What a joke. Being in IT, and a consultant no less, you can make $5.15 quicker than it takes to release a bell-beefer from the abyss of bliss. (read: Fart)

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